The "Humility" Class Turret is an autoturret of Space Pirate design, based on the "Growler" Class Turret used by the Galactic Federation.


The Space Pirates were displeased by how weak the Growler was (by their own standards, of course). To that extent, the Growler's autocannon was replaced with a Galvanic Accelerator Cannon and equipped with better shielding. The favorable results made it a mainstay of the Space Pirate security forces.

Combat StatsEdit

The Humility Turret packs a bigger punch than the Growler, but it is just as slow as its derivative. The turret fires two powerful blasts from the Galvanic Accelerator Cannon, which can momentarily stun targets and deal considerable damage. However, the turret takes about a few seconds to charge up, making it easy to dodge shots by strafing. Although it has slightly better shielding than the Growler, it can still be easily dealt with by using Missiles.


  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (First appearance)

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