The "Vigilance" Class Turret is a powerful heavy turret used by the Space Pirates. Its attack power is strong enough to eliminate heavily armored targets.


The "Humility" Class Turret was well suited to its task of maintaining security, but often it was not enough to keep more dangerous enemies like Samus Aran out of Space Pirate installations. The Vigilance was soon implemented to support the Humility by guarding a base's perimeter against such forces.

Combat StatsEdit

Unlike the Humility, the Vigilance is manually operated by a gunner, instead of a security AI. To access a turret, a gunner stands on a sensor that deploys the turret when a gunner (Pirate or otherwise) stands in the hologram it projects. The Vigilance dishes out brutal amounts of damage with its powerful energy cannon, making it capable of destroying all but the toughest targets in one to three shots. However, while it excels in raw firepower, it lacks in defense. The turrets armor is unable to last against concentrated fire, and when it is destroyed, a new turret needs to be fitted to replace it. Fortunately for the Pirates, Vigilance turrets are easy to replace, even when repeatedly destroyed.


  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (First appearance)

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