The AEG-77 Vigo was a transport vessel of the criminal Black Sun organization that was also used by Xizor Transport Systems and other organizations and individuals at the time of the Galactic Civil War. Some ships were heavily modified for use as convoy escorts.


The ship provided lots of space for passengers and cargo. Its interior included three decks connected by two elevators, an observation room, a large bridge, a recreation room, an engineering room, and a cargo hold. Modified versions were equipped with two forward mounted guns, four top mounted turrets, and two bottom mounted turrets.


The AEG-77 Vigo was originally used as light defended transport vessels by the Black Sun and also later by other organizations, including Xizor Transport Systems and the Hutt cartels. As they became known for their light weaponry, more and more transports were attacked and captured by pirate gangs, especially those smuggling valuable cargo for Black Sun. To counter this threat to its profits, Black Sun decided to modify some of their cargo transports into heavily defended gunships that would act as escorts for the rest of their convoys.

Behind the sceneEdit

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