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Galaxy Milky Way
Moons Some small ones
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Thick and oxygen-rich
Climate Arid
Gravity ~3 g
Primary terrain Desert
Surface water 10%
Immigrated species None
Primary languages None
Government None
Major settlements None
Major imports None
Major exports None
Population None
Demonym Unknown
Behind the Scenes
Universe Alien Faces

AG1-43 is an imaginary world described in the History Channel exobiology documentary Alien Faces.



A native, starfish-like lifeform.

AG1-43 is a huge terrestrial planet with a beautiful ring system and some small moons orbiting around it. The planet orbits a bright F-class star. It is a large desert world, where the climate is arid and liquid water is scarce, covering only 10% of the world's surface. Its gravity is three times stronger than Earth's, meaning that the atmosphere is much thicker, and holds a higher concentration of oxygen. Because of this, giant flying organisms, that can stay airborne for as long as they need, can be found soaring in the planet's skies.

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