1 Adminship is a priviledge NOT a right Edit

We expect good behavior from are users we also expect the same from our admins. Adminship is a huge responsibility who have to task running this wiki and being ambassadors as well. Thus, we expect politeness when dealing with users at all times.

2 Admin Tools Edit

As an admin you are given certain rights but these should NOT be over used as this will have a negative impact on the wiki community as a whole.

Assume Good Faith Edit

At first, admins should assume good faith until it becomes apparent that the user is intent on causing trouble. Then he should be warned about his behavior.Read more

Dealing with Vandalism Edit

If you notice an edit which has been vandalized revert the page and assume good faith but the 2nd time it is clearly vandalism your first action is to talk with the problem user make it clear that his behavior is out of order but do this in a polite manner remember a block is the last resort

Blocks Edit

  • 1st offense: Warning.
  • 2nd offense: 2nd warning
  • 3rd offense: A Week Block.
  • 4th offense: 6-Month Block.
  • 5th offense Infinite Block.

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