The editing convention are rules that help ASW run smoothly. The ASPF expects users to follow these rules at all times.

Assume Good Faith

All edits should be treated as if the editor is trying to contribute productively. If you spot vandalism please revert it and inform a member of the ASPF.

Is your article alien related?

ASW's main goal is to be the world's most complete free online database about alien species, both "real" (rumored, as no ET has had real status confirmed so far) and fictional.

So, before creating an article, make sure it belongs to this wiki. If it's an alien, it's welcome. The wiki community has not yet reached a consensus about how to deal with non-aliens (discussion here) but it is generally agreed that non-alien species or characters are acceptable and even desirable, but only those coming from fictional universes which already feature aliens (the Silurians from Doctor Who, for example).

Real world content is allowed as long as it is heavily important in fiction featuring aliens (e.g. the planets and moons of the Solar System; other star systems commonly featured in sci-fi or believed to be inhabited by ufologists or exobiologists).

If you wish to write or read about creatures native to Earth, or whose alien status is not confirmed (e.g. the monster from Cloverfield), perhaps Non-alien Creatures Wiki will be more helpful for you.

Plan ahead

Before you create your article, make sure we don't have one about the same thing already. There's no real consensus on naming conventions yet, but using your common sense is usually enough. For example, the word "Orion" may refer to several distinct things in real astronomy and sci-fi, so if you plan to write about the green-skinned pirates from Star Trek, for example, try "Orion (species)" or "Orion (Star Trek)" rather than just "Orion".

If you are not sure about how to build your article, the Alien Species Wiki:Manual of Style and the Alien Species Wiki:Layout Guide are here to help. Remember that the tips there are just advices, not mandatory. For mandatory policies check out Rules and Policies

Do research

It is true that a stub is better than a redlink, but try to include in your article all of the information available on a given species. It never hurts to take a good look at the book, movie, game or TV show your species comes from before creating the article. Websites and other wikis are also of great help.

One good thing about ASW, which makes it different from most other wikis, is that we allow users to include their theories (as long as they make sense) in the articles. You have an interesting, scientifically-possible theory about the origins of the Xenomorph species? You can write it as long as you make it clear that it is unofficial. Non-canon and fanon are likewise allowed, but MUST be clearly addressed as such. If you wish to write articles of only fanon, please go to our sister project, Alien Fanon Wiki.

Check grammar

While some of our users are not fluent in English, there is an easy way to avoid grammar and spelling issues: before saving the article, move it to a Microsoft Word document and let the software point out some of the mistakes, so you can correct them. Then move the text back to the article and save it. Piece of cake!

Cite your sources

While not mandatory, sources can be really useful. You can list them in "Sources" section at the bottom of the article. Try to include all sources you used to get the information, including the work the species appear in, reference books, other websites, etc...

Remember that copying text from Wikipedia or other wikis is no longer allowed here, even if it has a Creative Commons license. Even articles marked with the attribution template will be rewritten. Even though wiki content is for the most part not copyrighted and therefore free to use, it is highly detrimental for Alien Species Wiki to use articles from other wikis when we could very well create our own. Most respected wikis have no tolerance for copypasted articles whatsoever, and Alien Species Wiki shall be no exception. Users who break this rule will be blocked for a month. Repeat offenders will get an infinite block.

Categorize your article

While they may seem trivial to the new user, categories are actually very helpful. They are an extremely easy way to list together all articles which share a common theme. It is a general rule of every wiki, and ASW is no exception, that every article should be in at least one category.