Executive's DecisionEdit

Executive's Decision is a tool for Admirals of the ASPF. Executive's Decision (hereafter referred to as simply ED) can be used in a variety of ways, but should only be used a dire situations of extreme conflict. Listed below will be the situations for which ED can be used appropriately.

Executive's Decision in regards to vandalismEdit

ED in regards to vandalism is very simply put. Much like administrative powers, or bureaucratic powers, ED is simply another tool for blocking. Where ED is different, however, is the fact that it is the ability to unblock a vandal if the need arises. This is typically not used, however it may be used in certain extreme situations such as a power-mad admin. It is important to remember that ED is not to be used lightly, and must always be justifiable. Especially in a situations such as these.

Executive's Decision in regards to Policy decisionsEdit

ED can be used to allow or disallow a vote. For a better source of information in regards to ED on Policy decisions, visit this article: ASW:Policy Decisions.

Executive's Decision in regards to argumentsEdit

If an out-of-control argument takes place, and the involved parties include a member of the ASPF, the argument must be ended immediately by ED. ED will not be used in this situation to end the argument in favor of one party or another. The parties involved in the argument must cease and desist immediately and continue their argument in a more suitable place, and under control.

The consequences of using Executive's DecisionEdit

The ASPF can not stress enough that ED should only be used in extreme circumstances. If it is used more than three times in one week, you will lose your right to invoke ED. ED is not for the power mad or the power hungry. It is for the Admirals of the ASPF, who have proven that they are trustworthy and responsible. Trust your Admirals, for they know when the Wiki the best out of everyone.

In closing, ED is to be used in extreme circumstances. If you think there is another situation where ED would be helpful, suggest an amendment here.

It is requested that the Admirals who have read and fully understand this, sign their name below the following line. Any questions regarding ED can be directed to Nexus12, or someone else extremely familiar with the policy.

Please sign your name below.

Owen1983 09:06, May 6, 2011 (UTC)

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