ASW:Right to Immunity from Persecution by other Wikis

ASW's Right to immunity policy hereby states:

Alien species wiki holds the right to deal with their users in a manner that reflects the severity of damage done to Alien species wiki by that certain individual. By no means does Alien species wiki have to take any action whatsoever, even if persuaded to by outside sources (i.e. another wiki). Alien species wiki holds the right to dismiss any claims brought to it by a third party. Alien species wiki is in it's own right to reject any claims made by a third party, and will come to it's own consensus. Alien species wiki holds no jurisdiction outside of it's own wiki. Similarly, outside sources or wikis have no jurisdiction inside Alien species wiki either. Simply put, an outside party may deem Alien species wiki and associates unfit and in violation of their own policies. Under no circumstances does said outside party have any authority to act on such matters. Matters may be brought to Alien species wiki's attention, but they will be acted upon accordingly by the heads of Alien species wiki. The Admirals of Alien species wiki are also entitled to use Executive's decision. See ASW:Executive's Decision. The only outside part(y)(ies) capable of intervening are Wikia Staff and Associates. However, if an outside party contacts Wikia Staff over a matter in Alien species wiki, they are held in direct violation of the policy as stated here. This policy is in agreement of Wikia's general rule, "Let the wiki handle it's problems". If there is a time when Alien species wiki cannot handle a situation, this policy still stands. If a user of Alien species wiki asks an outside party for assistance/information during a situation, then the assistance/information can be given, but nothing more. Alien species wiki is in direct deniability of any links between this policy and users that may have created or edited it. This policy is for the wiki, and not available for dispute amongst third parties.

Policy makers.

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Owen1983 19:50, May 11, 2011 (UTC)

As member of the ASW Policy makers, I am entitled to sign off on this document. Nexus12: Because pure dominance isn't enough {ENSIGN} 23:05, May 10, 2011 (UTC)

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