Many new users have the misconception that Wikipedia rules and policies are valid for all wikis. In actuality, many wikis on wikia, and Alien Species Wiki in particular, have very different ways of administering their database. Since this is a collaborative project, it is important that new users know, so here are a number of things that make ASW unique in some ways:

  1. Wikipedia has a strict notability policy, in which articles whose content is deemed not notable enough (including articles on obscure fictional species) are commonly deleted in order to save space in their databank. ASW has no such thing. No matter how little information is available on said species, the mere fact that it is alien qualifies it as worth keeping. That's why we're called Alien Species Wiki rather than Notable Species Wiki ;-)
  2. On Wikipedia, all information must be backed by a valid and trustable source, and speculation is unacceptable. One of the goals of Alien Species Wiki is to provide plausible scientific background for even the most awkward or non-serious aliens, so speculation is always welcomed. But remember to word it in such a way that the reader will know you're speculating (e.g. "it is possible that...", "a likely explanation is...")
  3. Both canon and non-canon are allowed here, although canon info obviously has priority!
  4. Small doses of humor are acceptable here. Weird as it may be, coming from people who wonder about the most likely energy source used by the Yip Yip's teleportation; we're not expected to take the wiki too seriously. This is done more as a combination of tongue-in-cheek humor and the pleasurable challenge of applying plausible science to "explain" or "justify" even the most whimsical of designs! But again: while a healthy dose of humor can be acceptable, trying to be a wisecracker is not the goal here. Informing the reader has priority over entertaining the reader.

And now that you're started, be sure to check out the other policies! Don't worry, it seems like a lot of stuff, but it's not. And feel free to contact the ASPF if you still have some doubts. We wish you a loveable stay here!

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