Aaron Johnson James Alaje

Aaron Johnson James Alaje

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Lancelot lost his parents at a very early age, leaving him devastated and alone. Lancelot lived with his fiancé Elaine, and she instilled in him early a love of magic. Later, after her death, He attended Royal Alcornian Academy as a student, where he became notable for his talents in magic. During his time at the academy, he befriended Aaron Johnson James and Azusa Raisen Orlem, with the former being his best friend and buddy.

Lancelot and Aaron were very ambitious cosmic beings , and often performed magical experiments together. One of those included finding an easier way to summon powerful magical creatures, such as unicorns. One day, however, the summoning experiment went terribly wrong, as the pair messed up on their summoning circle and accidentally summoned a healing spell on basilisk and the spell turned into a killing spell and hit Aaron, which petrified Aaron, rendering him in a state akin to death.

After the incident, Lancelot and Klaus were both devastated by Aaron's death, and heavily strained the relationship between the two, in which Klaus started calling Lance "the 'murderer'". Lancelot also went back to the place where Aaron had died and planted carem seeds, as they were Aaron's favorite flower.

Lancelot left the academy shortly after and traveled the world in hopes of finding a way to revive Aaron, and even took up the name "Aaron Johnson James". During his travels, he eventually went to Hinomoto and befriended Azusa, who would later become a transfer student at Academy and Lancelot's enemy.


Lancelot is very optimistic, childish, carefree, silly, and even described by some as eccentric. He almost always has a smile on his face and is very open about his emotions, even to the point where he asks the randoms to be his girlfriend. He has no trouble saying things that would be considered "inappropriate". He is also very trusting of his friends, as he doubted the possibility of Azusa using dark magic when he was accused of such.

Despite his child-like tendencies, he has an immense love for all beings in the universe and is a firm believer that there is no right or wrong in the Cosmos. He especially extends this belief to everyone because everything happens for a reason. Lancelot is also very knowledgeable in white magic and loves to experiment with it, often on his familiar, his stuffed creation, Lancelot is also very knowledgeable about planets in general and magical creatures as well. Lancelot also has a more sadistic and manipulative side to him when he is conducting experiments, although he really only shows that side of him to his stuffed living pillow.

Magical Abilities

Lancelot is a prodigiously talented mage and is able to cast very advanced spells. He can even make inanimate objects sentient, as he did with his pillows and a teddy bear from his childhood, . Lancelot's magic, however, mostly centers around sweets of some sort, from making a giant cookie to stop a cyclone to smashing a piece of candy to break a magical lock on the door of the Klaus office.

Lancelot's creativity is the centerpiece of his magical talent. He spends a significant amount of time performing experiments, often testing the limits of magic and coming up with new (and sometimes impractical) uses for existing magic. He also develops various magical tools, such as a membrane for underwater breathing and earrings that let people communicate telepathically.

Since Lancelot has been mentioned to be a great tamer, it is likely that he can talk to animals. Additionally, it is rumored that Lancelot can speak to flowers, however this is unconfirmed.

Lancelot has a lot of stuffed animals, which he keeps in his dorm. Some of these stuffed animals are enchanted to do certain tasks, such as "Doggy Detective Number One, Beta", who serves as some sort of searching device. According to himself, magical creature ecology is his specialty. Mostly his toys like Teddy was given to Lancelot by his parents when he was very little, and he has made a stuffed being by Pillow's on his birthday the same as his. He prefer not his real name but "Aaron". Everyone call him "Aaron".

Lancelot or should we call him Aaron, is beautiful being full of Love, Good, Wisdom, Harmony and Joy. He is imensively Loving, Carrying, Conscious and he live in accordance with Cosmic (Creator's) laws. Cosmic (or Universe) people of the Forces of Light do normally live in higher dimensions - Sphere, commonly called "Paradise" or "Heavens". Their (Angles) world is full of Love, Enjoyment, beauty and diversity. There is no Evil and Hatred - He don't identify himselve with such negative attributes. Lots of space ships with lots of loving and more consciuos beings from many cosmic civilizations from higher dimensions of Cosmos are currently situated around the Earth in order to help Earth, Earth is a living conscious being, and the Humankind in the advancement to the higher - 5th Dimension. However, the ships are not normally visible thank's to special power shiels. This is because, according to the Universal Cosmic laws, beings from higher Dimensions connot manifest in masses to a civilization in a lower dimension without agreement of that civilization. He have much work with us - e.g., healing up the Ozone Layer, Cleaning the athmosphere, reducing radioactive pollution, trapping harmful solar radiation, attenuation of war conflicts. He lead people towards love and good via unobtrusive impulses in one's thoughts.

Cosmic People are wonderful friends who with pleasure help all beings on Earth in various life situations, His help is however, always in compliance with one's free will. Beings from higher Dimension connot help beings from Lower Dimension without their permission.

Cosmic Friends are colloquially called "Angels"

Aaron is a present Alien on Earth. He projects the equivalent energy, and has the equivalent authority, of a cosmic Christ. The term government in the context above is very different to the concept of human government and administration as presently understood on Earth. The principle of “cosmic administration” is wholly spiritual. Cosmic administration is an intelligently designed mechanism involving a myriad of beings whose primarily aim is to promote the balance and further development of spiritual gravity. This administration is almost wholly based on the ministry of love, which is the foundation of spiritual gravity and all intelligent life in the cosmos. A good analogy to understand this cosmic quantity/quality (spiritual gravity) is to think of the vibration we feel around the area of the heart chakra. This vibration, which many incarnated humans can already feel and consciously enhance, is a reading of actual spiritual gravity. Such quantity can be measured throughout the universe as an indicator of proximity of highly spiritualised beings.  

Our planet also emits a certain amount of spiritual gravity (on top of its material gravity known by our science) that gives an overall reading of the state of the spiritual development of all its inhabitants collectively. Celestial observers are mostly interested in this quantity, as it determines whether a planet qualifies for certain stages of cosmic administration (for example, the incarnation of Christ attended one of such periods of extremely low spiritual gravity on Earth). Spiritual gravity can be measured by many beings of celestial order and others, in that not only planets but whole sectors of the galaxy can be categorized according to the vibration that they produce.

Aaron is a great Cosmic Master who, in deep compassion for the humanity of the Earth, and empowered by full galactic authority (i.e., under the jurisdiction of karmic law, and in service for the Supreme Galactic Council), has made himself available to us for as long as it takes in order to guarantee that the Earth will ascend to the fifth dimension free from outside interference and manipulation, and in accordance to certain galactic directives.  

Aaron is a great Avatar with an undeniable record of cosmic service based on the deepest expression of love in action, serving those who are in need of spiritual enlightenment. Such a task involves a great deal of responsibility, and is the very fabric of the administration and evolution of the universe both microcosmic and macrocosmic in all senses, in every realm in which consciousness is evoked.

Master Aaron has been dedicated to such work from the beginning of the universe as we know it; a great universe which he has helped to evolve via promoting light as cosmic consciousness. This concept is hard to grasp analytically, but it hints that consciousness is present even in the atom. Hence, the atomic scale is also to be grasped through the same ‘love in action’ discussed above.   Aaron "Lancelot" operates in all dimensions of life, and in complete harmony and cooperation with the cosmic hierarchy of the Solar System and the Galactic Council of the Milky Way, which is spiritually animated by the cycle of the galactic centre at Sagittarius.  

There are a number of highly advanced celestial beings responsible for educating and helping planets to shift when a cosmic cycle is to be completed. Cosmic cycles normally depend on the adjustment of physical matter related to planetary orbits (e.g. the precession of the Equinox) as well as on the inherent realignment of spiritual gravity that results from the changes in the distribution of physical matter and cosmic rays. Currently we are animated by a cosmic cycle in synchrony that will bring the completion of about 300,000 years of life on Earth, including the early Lemurian and Atlantis’ greater periods together with many sub-cycles of ascension and demise. Not only Earth, but our whole branch-sector of the Milky Way is also going to be affected by the unfolding of this cycle primarily through exposure to a much higher load of cosmic rays originated in the core of the galaxy. I have no doubt that, should the Commander and his team come down and introduce themselves openly, they will also provide us with further clarifications, including a further explanation on the law of Karma The universe has been created by love and for love, and hence it can only evolve through love. As everything is connected to everything, including the different dimensions, through helping our planet the space intelligences are also helping the whole. This chain or connection between the many dimensions of the universe is the foundation for the ancient metaphysical saying ‘as above so below’.

Indeed, the arrival of the Ashtar Command of Light in the year 1952 was precipitated by humanity’s destructive actions through dangerous military experimentation with atomic energy, which was threatening to upset the balance of the higher dimensions in the Solar System if used for further destructive purposes.   Importantly, the aforementioned “command of light” is a multidimensional task force which is currently still beyond full human grasp. The good work is done intelligently and scientifically (metaphysically speaking) through men and women of good will who sacrifice themselves in order to serve the collective good and the need for inner education and enlightenment of the present day and age

Aaron Jonson James Alaje ExtraTerrestrial Art

Alaje Aaron Jonson James

Alien Characteristic

Aaron is more white then Caucasians, His eyes Iris is ocean blue, Pupil is Dark Blue, Scientists don't know how his eyes work yet but know that his pupil and iris is more advanced in cells of tetrachromacy in his eyes . Different functions in the Inner eye lids to see in Ultraviolet range, Face structure is Angular, Skin is Pale white ,Lungs are larger in size to contain more Oxygen, Blood is based on copper instead of iron and carry more spO2 than human, He have 24 teeth, Brain is 2.2 mm thicker and his Mid Brain have 3 more Glands detected which allow him to do "Telekinesis" and "Telepathy"  skills, Skin Penetrate Moisture from Air and energy from Sun Light ,Heart is located in the Center of the Chest ,Cartilage is 3.5 cm thicker, Wieght in lb. is 524 and Wieght in kg. is 237 ,Width of his body is 43 cm, Height in Ft. = 6.1, Height in inches. =  72 ,"Hematocyte" blood cells are Biconvex ,Heart Beat is 242 beats per min, Blood pressure systolic =  80, Diastolic =  40 , blood vessels are Extremely dilated ,Bones are 4 mm Thicker, Hair is Translucent Platinum Blonde, Communication is Telepathic and as usual human languages, He know almost all Earth Languages including Sumerian and Greek.

In Theosophy

In the Ascended Master Teachings (but not in traditional Theosophy) The Master also known as the "Holy Brother" was introduced by Ashtar to the Humans, Ashtar is a disticnt being from Aaron.

The Master is Regarded in the Ascended Master teachings as a name used by the Great White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters.

Many groups honor Master Aaron as a supernatural being called a Master of Wisdom or an Ascended Master. In the Ascended Master teachings he is referred to simply as Master Alaje, or as the Ascended Master Aaron.

As an Ascended Master, Master Aaron is believed to have many magical powers such as the ability to teleport, levitate, walk through walls, and to inspire people by telepathic communication.

Scientist consider him to be a Master of Science and Faith or Adept. Some esoteric groups credit him with inspiring Washington DC , Secret teachings of all ages.

The Hierarch of the Age of Aquarius

In the New Age beliefs, Master Aaron is always associated with the blue crystal and the Maltese rendered in the crystal. According to the Theologist, the Seventh Rays are seven metaphysical principles that govern soul and the unforlding of 2000 years long Astrological Age, Since according to theosophy the next Astrological Age.

The Age of Aquarius, will be governed by the Second crystal Ray (The Ray of Ceremonial Order), Master Aaron is sometimes called "The Hierarch of the Age of Aquarius" . According to the Ascended Master Teachings, Master Aaron is "The God of Freedom" for this system of the worlds. According to Ascended Master Teachings, the preliminary lead up to the begginning of the Age of Aquarius, replacing the former Astrological Age Hierach, the Ascended Master Jesus, who had been for 2015 years the "Hierach of the Age of Pisces". Master Aaron's spiritual title is said to be Lord of Civilization, and his task is the establishment of the new civilization of the Age of Aquarius. He is said to telepathically influence people who seen him as a Angel. 

Jesus And Angel

Angel comforting Jesus before Crucification.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ, The Master Ashtar and The Master Aaron and others in the spiritual Hierarchy would "externalise" i.e., descend from the spiritual worlds, and interact visible tangible bodies on the Earth. 

Aaron regard "The Master" "Jesus" and "Christ" as two seperate and disticnt beings. They believe in the Gnostic Christology espoused by cerinthus (fl.c. 100 AD) ,according to which "Christ" is a being who was incarnated in Jesus only during the three years of the ministry of Jesus.

According to Aaron " Christ" is identified as being a highly developed spiritual entity whose actual name is Sananda. The Sananda is the same being known in Christ. 

Function of Spiritual Hierarchy

In the Ascended Master Teachings, as Hierarch of the Brotherhood of Truth in the etheric plane over Earth,  is said to assist the scientists and spiritual leaders of the worlds with the flame of truth and channels the spiritual energy of what is called in the Ascended Master Teachings the grey rays. It is believed in the Ascended Master Teachings that before the Master Aaron took over the Soltec Ship of the Sixth Ray, that Lord Ashtar fulfilled that function. Thosophist say that the Master Aaron's primary influence is upon the scientist of Earth. In the teachings of the Ancient Ascended Master , the fifth ray of the Seventh ray, called the orange ray, which he is said to oversee, is called the ray of concrete science. 

Life in Hollywood

Aaron is in a musical boy band stage name as Devin, He doesn't want to be recognize by humans yet, He will reveal his true identity in 2025. He is trying to spread his messages by songs he wrote for famous human singer on earth such as Katy Perry - " UnConditional Love", "Firework", "Wide Awake" and many more, Lily Allen - "The Fear" written and given music by Aaron telling about the nature of human beings in universe today, Owl City- "This Isn't The End"  as in the song he's saying everything happens to make us emotionally strong, "Beautiful Times" about bravery, and Up All Night, talking about angels around humans, Ed Sheeran - "I See Fire", "Undone", "Tenerife Sea", "Photograph" and mostly all of his songs, Ellie Goulding - "Lights", "Burn", "This Love", "My Blood" ,"Anything could Happen" and many more songs talking about how humans are gonna burn by there evil weapons and war, The Script - "Hall Of Fame", "Breakeven", "I'm Yours", "If You Could See Me Now", "Millionaire", "We Cry" etc, Justin Bieber - "Pray", "BackPack", Linkin Park - "Leave Out All The Rest", and wrote for more famous singers world wide. Mostly Humans are wasting there time on radio and MTV music channels , so its the best way to spread his messages. He don't want humans to speak with him as a god like being but a good friend. His destiny is to wake humans up by raising the consciousness of humanity by Love and Light energy.

Disasters and The Great Flood

Pleiadians don't easily get angry. The Society speaks of natural disaster as not natural , They say its the Pleiadian species who created Earthquake in Haiti on January 12th 2010 they say there was so much evil in haiti and they had to wipe them out , annonymos people claim to see a giant orrange UFO 24 hours ago before the earthquake, alike disaster happend in march 11th 2011 in Tohuku, Japan, Society say that the japanese people were thinking there the most advanced humans of the earth so the Pleiadians got angry and bring tsunami on them, the people in japan saw thousands of UFO's before the deadly tsunami and as we all look up The great flood in Bible and Quran  were also The Pleiadians who got fed up by humanity, only choosen ones would allowed to be alive. Scientist admit that if Humans keep dissapointing the Pleiadeans it will began the destruction of all Earth civilization.