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General Information
Homeworld Unnamed desert world
Height 5'4"
Diet Omnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Sins of a Solar Empire

The Advent are an evolutionary offshoot of Humans, having evolved a collective intelligence and great psionic mastery. Because of this, their super-weapon is a mind-control beacon, as opposed to a long-range missile platform like a Novalith or Kostura Cannon.


The Advent's ancestors were desert-world colonists. They began to experiment with neurological implants and psychotropic drugs. The Trade Alliance was religiously opposed to psionics, and was able to throw the world quite literally away. The Advent continued their psionic research, and their culture became based on psionic strength. For whatever reason, females were just plain better at "magic" then men, and became the society's rulers. They developed this ideology into a religion called "The Unity", and gained many dread abilities, including the ability to paralyze or confuse enemies, and in the case of exceptionally powerful or large groups, permanently brainwash them. Gaining population and strength over a thousand years, they eventually began to seek for Trader space. Finding them weakened by their war with the Vasari, they quickly invaded, attempting to taking revenge on the vindictive TEC and beat back the imperialist Vasari.

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