Ships used by the Advent are built to be aesthetically appealing, with armor strength traded off in favor of powerful shields. Advent ships use laser cannons, beam cannons and plasma cannons.


Seeker VesselEdit

A scout frigate that is used to explore new areas and find a world to add to the Unity. Seeker Vessels can also perform kamikaze attacks on enemy ships and structures.

Missionary VesselEdit

A colony ship that is used to spread the Unity's will to other worlds. It is slow and weak, so it should be protected by other ships to keep it from being destroyed by local militia.

Disciple VesselEdit

The Advent Light Frigate. Able to be produced en masse due to its cheap production price, it can provide a great boost to a fleet.

Purge VesselEdit

A siege frigate, the Purge Vessel is equipped with powerful warheads to cleanse a planet of those who oppose the Unity.

Iluminator VesselEdit

Long-range assault frigates armed with powerful beam cannons. Usually keeps well away from enemies, for the Iluminator is not the sturdiest of ships!

Defense VesselEdit

Frigates armed with precise laser flak cannons that can shoot down strike craft(fighters and bombers), and is invaluable when an enemy planet is guarded by carriers or hanger platforms.


Aeria Drone HostEdit

A robust light carrier that transports "Anima" who control the Advent's Strike Craft. An Aeria, like other light carriers, can only carry one formation of fighters or bombers.

Domina SubjugatorEdit

An offensive-minded cruiser with abilities that boost a fleet's combat prowess when attacking. A good amount of these ships along with Iconus Support Cruisers can be a boon to an Advent starfleet.

Iconus GuardianEdit

In a space battle, unless if attacking in overwhelming numbers, the starfleet taking damage is almost unavoidable. The Iconus Guardian helps prevent ships from being damaged by using abilities that enhance shield mitigation. However, the Iconus has weak hull strength, so they should be well-protected from enemy attack by stronger, offensive-minded ships.

Destra CrusaderEdit

The Destra is the Advent's Heavy Attack Cruiser and the most powerful cruiser in the Advent fleet in terms of raw firepower. They have such devastating weapons that they have been considered by the Trader Emergency Coalition as an omen of bad luck.

Capitol ShipsEdit

Radiance BattleshipEdit

The mainstay of the Advent's capitol ships, the Radiance is an offensive-minded ship with devastating abilities, like Detonate Antimatter. They are considered the manifestation of the Unity's vengeance.

Halcyon CarrierEdit

As the name would suggest, the Halcyon is built to carry hordes of strike craft. Their abilities are mostly centered on general ship support and boosting the performance of their strike craft formations.

Progenerator MothershipEdit

The Progenerator is in many ways a colony ship, for its primary function is to spread the Unity's influence to other worlds. The Mothership's Colonize ability is more effective than the one used by the Missionary Vessels, for it is able to temporalily reduce production costs on a world that has been recently colonized.

Revelation BattlecruiserEdit

Most effective once an Advent fleet has gained a solid foothold, the Rapture is crewed with powerful psychics who grant the ship abilities that can devastate an enemy fleet's morale and performance. By itself, it is not very effective, but in a well-developed fleet, it is a deadly force to be reckoned with.

Rapture BattlecruiserEdit

When an Advent starfleet has gained significant advantages on the battlefield, and the enemies of the Unity still keep coming in at full force, these ships appear to break the stalemate. The Rapture carries the most gifted Advent psintegrat who wield immense psionic powers. The abilities used by the Rapture can prove useful in taking on enemies that are pretty sure they have the edge.

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