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Universe Metroid Universe
Region Dasha Region
System None
Class Rogue Planet
Atmosphere Breathable
Primary Terrain Desert, Bog, Temple Ruins
Notable Species Luminoth, Ing

Aether is a badly fluctuating planet, home to the Luminoth, with a horrible dark twin known as Dark Aether that was created by a Leviathan impact. It is an exact replica surrounded in darkness, only acsessable by portals and rifts.


The environments of Aether are diverse and large. The first one, Temple Grounds, is home to a platoon of deceased Federation Marines. Above that is the Great temple, home to the Remaining Lumintoth (see below). The next is the Agon Wastes, formerly the Agon Plains, which stretched as far as the eye could see. The next is the Torvus Bog, formerly the Torvus Forest, which flooded on account of the leviathan. The last is the Sanctuary Fortress, a completely mechanical area, high in the cliffs of Aether overlooking a large city. The Robots working there have now been possessed by the Ing. There is a dark version of each area. Dark Agon, Dark Torvus, and the Ing Hive. Samus steals the planetary energy from each of the area's dark counterpart.


Aether contains an abundance of fauna and flora, but the dominant sepecies is the Luminoth, now extremely reduced to one alive being, U-Mos, the sentinal of the Luminoth. The other survivors of Ing attacks are asleep in the great temple. Ever since the Ing arrived, there have been increases of Ing-possessed species.


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