Once fertile plains, the Agon Wastes of Aether were reduced to scorched deserts after the impact of the Phazon Leviathan that had hit the planet. Agon was the first land to fall to the Ing, the energy from the region's temple stolen by the vicious warriors.

The landscape of Agon is mostly desert, with windswept rocks and ruined industrial complexes. A Space Pirate base was set up here after the former had found signs of Phazon on Aether. Upon their arrival, they had not found any Phazon in the deserts they had settled in, nor in any of the neighboring sectors. This puzzled them, but then they had found a sign. Within their base was a strange spatial rift and an artifact weapon near it. The weapon fired energy beams that could open the portal for a short period of time. Expeditions through the portal found mass amounts of Phazon upon a dark version of Aether, along with shadowy beings that seemed to be at war with the native Luminoth. Mining expeditions were difficult, as the environment was hostile and the Ing did not take kindly to the intruder Pirates. The Pirate's misfortune culminated with the coming of the Hunter, Samus Aran. But only this time, she was not alone, for another hunter, The Dark Hunter, had also arrived on Aether. This hunter, Dark Samus, sought to consume Phazon to feed her staunchless hunger, and the Pirates were an all-too easy target for her.


  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (First appearance)

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