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Universe Star Wars Universe
Homeworld Bespin
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Non-Sapient

Airsquids are a species of aerial vermin found on the planet Bespin. Sac-shaped gasbags, they moved through the utilization of a pair of stubby wings, although they likely kept aloft through the use of rethen gas. They are adorned with a set of eighteen tentacle tongues which surround their mouths and are coated in an organic adhesive, allowing them to latch onto larger faunal organisms such as the Beldon, a creature they are likely related to. At this point - as long as they were alone or in smaller quantities - they would exist as external parasitic scavengers, moving around their larger host and using their tentacles to snatch airborne algae-equivalent organisms in their path - it can be assumed that this includes the local Airborne Algae Sacks. However, should their numbers grow to a significant amount, their behavior is known to alter and they are known to actually devour larger prey during these occasions.

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