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Universe Dragon Ball Universe
Homeworld Namek
Average Height Unspecified
Diet Photosynthesis
Sapience Level Non-Sapient

Ajisa is a species of tree-like plant-analog on Planet Namek. While the planet was once teeming with the trees, the crop was devastated by a giant storm in Age 261 that ravaged the planet and altered the planet's climate so drastically that nearly all Namekians perished (it is possible that this was an ice age. Dende described this scenario to Gohan and Krillin in Age 762.

Initially, Krillin thought that the crops were supposed to be consumed by the Namekians, but Dende later revealed that the crops were cultivated only to enhance the beauty of their planet, as Namekians have no actual need for food.


The Ajisa were called Hydrangea Plants in the Viz manga. This is because the Ajisa are named after hydrangea plants (ajisai in Japanese) that snails (which the Namekians are themed after) are known to like. because of this, it cannot be considered an official name due to no direct evolutionary tie-in between the planets.

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