Universe Star Wars Universe
Region Core Worlds
Sector Alderaan Sector
System Alderaan System
Class Terrestrial
Gravity Standard
Atmosphere Breathable
Climate Temperate
Primary Terrain Grasslands, forests, mountains, jungles, small seas
Notable Species Thrantas
Rotation period 24 standard hours
Orbital Period 365 local days

Alderaan was a terrestrial planet located in the Core Worlds, near the central region of a galaxy far, far away. It was covered by large grasslands, forests and small seas. Populated by Humans, the planet was home to a vast diversity of native flora and fauna, including the many species of Thrantas. Alderaan was destroyed by the Galactic Empire's Death Star. Long before the Human colonization of the planet, Alderaan was home to a native sapient species of insectoids known as Killiks.

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