This unnamed species lives in a sealed city within the interior of Luna. Their appearance is unknown. They communicate solely by telepathy (referred to as "thought waves") and possess technology that allows them to put the entire North American continent in suspended animation from space. These aliens claim to possess none of the typical emotions displayed by Humans, such as love, greed, lust and passion for conquest.


When the Human spaceship Lunar Eagle 1, crewed by an international assemblage of scientists, landed on the Moon in order to claim it as international territory for all humanity, these aliens were disturbed. They find Human emotions strange and possibly dangerous, and threaten to destroy the entire Human race if they conclude that they represent a threat. When two of the astronauts fall in love, the Moon aliens decide to study them, as they find that Human concept particularly intriguing. After observing how Humans are willing to die to save their fellow men, the aliens come to the conclusion that the species does possess admirable qualities, and express their hopes that one day, the two races could be friends.


  • 12 to the Moon (1960)


  • The aliens are never seen in the movie. Only their written messages and the effects of their freezing weapons are shown.

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