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Alien Rifle is a weapon in Saints Row IV.

"Fire three beams at once. More firepower, less aiming. What's not to love?"


The Dominator is the only costume for the Alien Rifle.

Damage, Overheat Level and Rate of Fire can all be upgraded 5 levels each, with a separate Vampiric Ammo "ultimate upgrade".


Available since the start of the game, as most of Zins will be armed with this gun.

Weapon BreakdownEdit


  • Commonly available from Zin Soldiers
  • No reload required
  • Takes a while to overheat and can be cooled down even if it hasn't overheated
  • Good effective range
  • Vampiric Ammo upgrade provides alternative means or restoring health


  • Somewhat underpowered until upgraded


  • The Alien Rifle is ressemblance to the assault rifle in Red Faction Armageddon


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