Allen Strange
Allen Strange
Biography Information
True Identity Allen
Alias Allen Strange
Homeworld Xela
Species Xelan
Family Unnamed Xelan family
Manfred Strange (Human Father)
Interests Wrestling, Canned Cheese and gaining more knowledge of Earth
Abilities Shapeshifting, High Intelligence, Telekinesis, Reanimating
Status Active
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Journey of Allen Strange
Performed by Arjay Smith

Allen Strange is a Xelan alien disguised as a human in the television series The Journey of Allen Strange.

He was portrayed by actor Arjay Smith.



A peace loving specie of alien named Xelans, decided to explore the universe and chose the planet Earth. Allen stowed onboard the spaceship and when it landed on the planet, he went off to explore. The ship eventually took off and Allen got left behind.

He took on the disguise of a black African-American human and befriended student Robbie Stevenson and her brother Josh who invited him to stay with them until he could find his way back to his home planet.

They gave him the name "Allen Strange" because of his peculiar habits. He lived up in the attic in a Xelan resting pod and Robbie and Josh's dad Ken didn't know who Allen really was.

After spending a lot of time on Earth, Allen got used to the customs of the planet and joined the Delport High School wrestling team.

He also created from a shop window mannequin an Earth father called Manfred for himself so he could take part in things such as Parent-Teacher conferences.

He had two main adversaries. The first was crazed journalist Phil Berg  who wanted to capture and expose Allen for a news story, but eventually got captured by the Xelan's alien enemies the Trykloids and used him as a pawn for information on Earth.

The second was Harold "Moose" Johnson  who was the captain of the wrestling team and a bully whom Allen tries to befriend but only ends up annoying.

After several attempts to try and get back to Xela, even losing his alien powers, Allen received a message that he was chosen to stay on Earth to continue to find out about Earth's customs.

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