Allo (voiced by Len Carlson) is the leader of the Dinosaucers. His main rival is Genghis Rex. Allo gave the rings to the Secret Scouts when he first met them. OnReptilon, Allo has a wife named Vera, a daughter named Alloetta and even a maid named Gatormaid, whose name is a play of Gatorade.

He is calm, cool and collected. Due to being the leader, Allo constantly has to make hard decisions and seems to know about pretty much everything about the Dinosaucers and Tyrannos short of the secret love between Teryx and Ichy.

His comrades are very loyal to him and rarely, if ever, disregard, disobey or question his orders. However, Allo sometimes admits he was mistaken and forgives his friends. Other times, he scolds them for failing him but not to the point of punishment.

Unlike the teeth of a real Allosaurus, those of Allo are flat and wide rather than pointy and sharp. This may be due to his diet, which consists mostly of ferns. He sports dark and light blue garments and gloves and possesses a teal helmet.

He can dinovolve into a 40 foot or 12 meters long Allosaurus. In this form, he has the extraordinary strength of such a theropod, able to topple almost anything with a single tail swipe, while retaining his intelligence and ability to speech in a way that humans or other similar beings can understand.

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