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Almighty Tallest Miyuki was a female Tallest ruler of the Irken Empire. She was also the first Tallest (chronologically) in Invader Zim. She was originally going to debut during a flashback in the episode The Trial, where she was eaten alive by an Infinite Energy Absorbing Blob creature created by Zim while he was a scientist working at Vort Research Station 9. It was during her reign that the Massive was designed, as she is the one who commissioned it. In her scheduled debut, it becomes clear that the cause of her death was not known until Zim's existence evaluation. She was succeeded by Tallest Spork, who shared her fate.

It should be noted that Miyuki is, chronologically, the first and only female Almighty Tallest in Irk's history, though there may have been many before her.

Behind the scenesEdit

It has been confirmed by Rosearik Rikki Simons while at InvaderCON that the character was named after the storyboard artist Miyuki Hoshikawa, who worked on such episodes as Bolognius Maximus. According to Simons, the writers of Invader Zim created the character based on their surprised reaction at learning Hoshikawa had previously done work on the anime classic AKIRA, which she treated with extreme modesty.

It should also be known that Miyuki has several meanings in Japanese, which include, but are not limited to, "beautiful happiness" (美幸), "Deep Snow" (深雪), or "beautiful reason for history" (美由紀). However, since she was never seen in any of the episodes, it is unknown which would have fit the best according to her personality and demeanor.

It is also worth mentioning that that because the series was cancelled, no one knows who her voice actress was going to be.

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