Almighty Tallest Red works alongside Almighty Tallest Purple and both are co leaders of the Irken and both are invader choosers and due to aggression, they had to give an invader job to Zim. And so thus became GIR, the surprisingly dumb robot unlike all the other droids given to invaders. Unlike other invaders, Zim belived he could take over Earth on his own, so the two said no, but suprisingly, they accepted him, although only one person stands between Zim and world domination, and that is paranormal investigator Dib. Somehow he stops Zim's plans, although, Almighty Tallest Red and Alimighty Tallest Purple check on Zim to see his progress. So far, it's not going so well. No percentage has ben completed at all actually, or has it? This mistery is unknown, but one things for sure, both Almighty Tallests are very strange, yet surprisingly their real names are unknown to this day.

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