"You, you don't understand but I'll show all that I lost, I'll show you everything!"
―the true personality speaking with Kicker

Alpha Q also known as Alpha Quintesson is a being encountered by the Transformers.


Prior to his discovery by the Cybertronian races, Alpha Q's home planet was one of many that fell to Unicron.

His people sent an S.O.S. to Rodimus begging for aid but by the time the Cybertronians arrived the planet was gone. Believing they had failed the aliens, they were unaware that they had actually detonated their planet's core as a last act of defiance; crippling Unicron for a time and that Alpha Q had survived.

Trapped within the core of the planet destroyer the essence/spirit of the being that was Alpha Q remained. Unfortunately the ensuing years of isolation within the very being who took away his home had a negative effect on the young alien's mind. His sanity shattered leading to the development of four separate personalities with his original personality retreating inside him.

The insane creature now calling itself Alpha Q created a body from the bones of Unicron's victims that resembled a quintesson. In that time it also made an amazing discovery; the restorative powers of energon and that within Unicron the right amount could restore what the monster had devoured. He spent several years scrapping together what little energon he could to revive the Terracons; another species consumed by Unicron to aid him in his schemes; to gather enough energon from Unicron the restore the lost worlds.


Alpha Q suffers from dissociative identity disorder as a result of the trauma of losing his home world and spending prolonged isolation within the very creature who destroyed everything he knew. Each personality expresses itself through a unique face mask that rotates over an ovoid shape within Alpha Q's armour where a face would be.

The personalities include:

Green face/ Cunning PersonalityEdit

Representing itself with a green stoic face mask this personality is a cunning manipulator who turned many of the former Decepticons against the Autobots before Megatron's return. He keeps the Joker and Angry personality and was the leader of the Terracon army prior to the awakening of the Wisdom personality.


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