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Altiaria anarris

Altiria/Anarris was a planet located within the Altiria/Anarris system in the Unknown Regions.

It had two names, being called Altiria by the Altiri natives and Anarris by the Anarrian natives. The two species often battled over supremacy. The planet was a verdant, temperate world covered with forests and rolling plains.


Developing a modern civilization as late as 6000 BBY, both the Altiri and the Anarrians flourished and claimed the ownership of their respective continents. First encountering each other at sea about halfway between their homelands, quickly leading to violence based on xenophobic fears. A global war erupted across the planet, with no sign of stopping during the Jedi Civil War. The planet-wide conflict lasted over a decade, eventually dying down to minor skirmishes at sea.[2]

Over the next 4,000 years, smaller wars erupted from time to time to gain control of the smaller islands that dotted the world's oceans, though no clear victor was ever acknowledged. By the time the Galactic Empire gained power, each nation's elected leader vowed to annihilate the other species. These pronouncements started new hostilities that escalated into another global war, with both sides equipped with more dangerous and destructive technology. With forces on the ground, in the air, and at sea, war even spread to the planet's two moons. Widespread devastation reached every corner of the world, bringing both native species to the brink of extinction. By the time the battles were over, just before the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, civilization on Altiria/Anarris had regressed to a pre-industrial level. Colonies located between the two continents became isolated. The moon bases were cut off from the planet as well, although each government claimed nominal control of one moon.

Geographical featuresEdit

Dominated by two large continents divided by a great ocean, the planet was home to two species that had evolved separately of each other. Speckled with small resource-rich islands, the native species sought all that the sea had to offer, including ores, fuel sources, and fertile land. The hunt for resources eventually brought the two species into conflict, resulting in a never-ending and ruinous war that depleted much of the world's bounty and saw the decline of both societies.


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