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The Altor-class replenishment ship was an Imperial support ship class that carried fuel for other vessels in the Imperial Navy.



The Altor-class was a large Imperial supply ship model and carried six pill-shaped fuel containers. In addition, it also contained at least four arm nozzles to refuel capital ships. The Altor was capable of refueling two battlecruiser- and dreadnought-scale ships at the same time, one on each side.[1]

At the stern of the vessel were located several hangar/drydock complexes that could fit frigate-scale capital ships for deep space repairs.

Propulsion systemsEdit

The ship was moved by a cluster of seven large thrusters, each circled by a cluster of eight auxiliary thrusters.


The class consisted of at least three ships. The vessels were capable of refueling various Imperial warships, including Allegiance-class battlecruisers and Assertor-class dreadnoughts. An Altor-class vessel partook in a fleet exercise at some point after the Arms Race campaign,[3] where it simultanously refueled a Star Dreadnought and a battlecruiser of this kind. Altors were known to be serviced at Naval Station Validusia in the Validusia system.

Behind the scenesEdit

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