Alzoc III
Alzoc III
Universe Star Wars Universe
Region Outer Rim Territories
System Alzoc System
Class Terrestrial
Climate Frozen
Primary Terrain Arctic tundra, frozen wastelands, mountain ranges
Sapient Species Talz
Population 500 million

The third planet in the Alzoc System, Alzoc III is an frozen planet located in the Sujimis Sector of the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy. It is the homeworld of the sapient Talz species. The planet's surface is dominated by tundra, frozen wastes and numerous mountain ranges, thus limiting the amount of wildlife on Alzoc III.

Although the planet was known to the Old Republic and was occasionally visited, it did not become known until the reign of the Galactic Empire, when it was 'officially' discovered by Imperial scouts. What they discovered was a world rich with natural resources and an available workforce, and so the Talz were enslaved and forced to work in large mines all across the planet. The extracted ore and valuable Alzoc Pearls were then taken away to Imperial shipyards. Imperial agents only withdrew from the planet after the Battle of Endor as part of a widespread consolidation of forces. The New Republic later discovered records of the planet and established contact.

The planet was twice revisited by Imperials in 12 ABY. The Eye of Palpatine, a rogue battlemoon, stopped there to collect long-absent stormtroopers before continuing on to Belsavis. Later that year, the Empire Reborn established a base on Alzoc III. This base was infiltrated by New Republic Intelligence Service agents.


Alzoc III is the third planet in orbit around the star Alzoc in the Sujimis Sector of the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories. It has no moons, and so nights on the planet are very dark. The days are incredibly bright due to the reflection of sunlight off the ice all over the planet.


Alzoc III is an almost entirely frozen planet, with ice and snow dominating much of the surface. The planet is covered mostly by vast frozen wastelands that are bisected by a number of deep valleys and mountain ranges. Frigid gales swept mercilessly across the planet, often resulting in severe snow storms. There were also many large frozen lakes located across the planet. During the day, sunlight reflected off the snow and ice can be blinding, capable of burning the retinas of most species. As Alzoc III does not possess any moons, nights on the planet reached the other extreme, being blanketed in near total darkness. The planet has a blue sky and an atmosphere atmosphere breathable for humans.


Alzoc III has a very harsh climate, and as such any lifeforms that have evolved on the planet are highly specialised, as indicated by the planet's only sapient species, the Talz. Other native species include the snow slug, the torsk and a species of fir tree.

Sapient speciesEdit


Main article: Human

(Note: Humans are not native to Alzoc III.)


Main article: Rakata

(Note: Rakata are not native to Alzoc III and no longer dwell on the planet, having withdrawn to their homeworld of Lehon after the collapse of their interstellar Infinite Empire over 25,000 years ago.)


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Pre-Imperial eraEdit

Little is known of the early history of Alzoc III. Around 30,000 BBY, the planet was ruled by the Rakata which dominated much of the galaxy through their interstellar Infinite Empire. With the collapse of the Empire five thousand years later, the Rakata retreated to their homeworld, leaving little trace as to how and why they left.

The earliest off-world sighting of a Talz was in 3993 BBY on the planet Korriban. During this same period, a Talz worked as a member of the Jedi Covenant's Shadows.[15] The world was also visited by the Yuuzhan Vong as part of their early reconnaissance around 29 BBY; a number of the natives were taken captive for experimentation by the extra-galactic invaders. Prior to the rise of the Empire, some Talz lived and traveled off-world, with individuals living on Maramere, Lamaredd, Questal, and Esseles, where Bama Vook worked as a test pilot for Trinkatta Starships. A sizable community of Talz also lived on Orto Plutonia, coming into conflict with the Pantorans from the orbiting moon. Perhaps the most notable off-world Talz during this period was the Jedi Knight Foul Moudama, though few knew of his origins. He fought as a General in the Clone Wars and was killed while protecting the Supreme Chancellor.

During the Clone Wars, the planet was considered to be in territory controlled by the Hutt crime lord Jabba the Hutt. Following the Battle of Ryloth, Alzoc III temporarily became a point of interest for both sides of the conflict. The bounty hunter Cad Bane had stolen a Gravitic Core from a Munificent-class star frigate in orbit above the planet, leaving the ship to be destroyed by an explosion of the other core it was carrying. The core was to be used in a new Separatist superweapon, designed to have enough power to collapse a star. The frigate crashed on Alzoc III, where the gravitic core created a gravity anomaly, causing the ship's wreckage to float in the air near the crash site alongside ice debris. Shortly thereafter, Jabba informed the Galactic Republic of CIS activity near the planet, hoping to punish the Separatists for passing through his territory without payment. The Jedi High Council soon dispatched Jedi Masters Aayla Secura and Luminara Unduli to investigate the report.

Accompanied by a detachment of the Grand Army of the Republic led by commanders CC-5052 and CC-1004, the two Jedi arrived at Alzoc III, dispatching several AT-TEs to the planet's surface. However, by that time the crash site was already being visited by the Confederate assassin Asajj Ventress, Dark Acolyte of Count Dooku. In order to keep the new gravitic weapon a secret, Dooku ordered his agent to destroy any evidence of the incident and allow no witness to be left alive. When the Republic forces arrived at the crash site, both Jedi and the clone troopers were stunned by the view of huge masses of ice and numerous starship parts floating freely in the air and decided to investigate the vessel. They were engaged by many battle droids dispatched by Ventress to keep the Jedi occupied, while she went about setting the remains of the ship for self-destruct in order to destroy all evidence of the new superweapon's existence and eliminate the Republic forces. After finding the ship's data recorder, Secura and Unduli were able to uncover a record of the ship's last moments, as well as access the ship's manifest, learning about the existence of the gravitic weapon. After narrowly escaping the ship before it exploded, the Jedi were ambushed by the Rattataki assassin. After a brief duel, the two Jedi Masters overpowered the Dark Acolyte, trapping her under a bulk of ice. Unduli then ordered the clones to make contact with Coruscant to report the results of their mission to the Jedi Council. The discovery of the new weapon later helped the Republic destroy the CIS superweapon in a battle on Behpour.

Galactic Empire eraEdit

While Imperial scouts discovered the planet sometime before 18 BBY, they found that the majority of the Talz were unaware of galactic civilization. Their society was a primitive one, making use of simple tools to build shelters from the cold. Realizing the potential untapped labor force represented by the Talz, the discovery was never listed on the Galactic Registry, in order to circumvent Senate regulations regarding the treatment of primitive peoples. Instead the Empire enslaved the species, with the indirect aid of the professional Quarren slaver Borun Call. They then set up huge mines, putting the Talz to work in unforgiving conditions. In addition to ores shipped off to major shipyards, Imperials also found valuable Alzoc Pearls on the planet. Obo Rin, an Imperial sentientologist, characterized their presence as protective, citing the need to prevent offworlders enslaving the primitive species. In actuality, the Empire kept the planet off limits and banned the Talz from leaving their world in order to keep a monopoly on this resource. To further this end, the Empire offered a 5,000 credit bounty for the capture or execution of any Talz found offworld.

The Talz suffered greatly under Imperial occupation and were worked to death in the mines with minimum rations. This situation was alleviated for a short period under the supervision of Imperial officer Pter Thanas. Calculating that overall efficiency would increase if the Talz were supplied more food, he increased their food allotment. Profits did improve, and the Talz returned his generosity by saving his life when he almost fell down the mines. However, six months later, his reforms were reversed by a new colonel. When a Talz headman asked for a return to the additional rations, the colonel ordered his village destroyed. Despite Thanas's objection, the village was destroyed, and Thanas was shipped off to Bakura for his impertinence. Despite their best efforts to keep Alzoc III isolated from the galaxy, the Imperials were not entirely successful. The criminal Zann Consortium became aware of the planet and attempted to extort the Imperial Food Commissioner there, in order to gain access to the planet's profits. A number of Talz also escaped the planet, finding refuge in fringe communities such as the Artists' High Commune on Mrlssi, on frontier worlds such as Feriae Junction, Ryloth and Tandankin, or by taking advantage of Imperial-free zones such as The Wheel casino and Void Station. Not all the escaped Talz chose to lay low, some chosing instead to fight the Galactic Empire. One joined the Rebel Alliance as a fighter pilot in 3 ABY, while another sought to bring rebellion to his homeworld. He managed to convince a group of adventurers to return with him to Alzoc III and lead a revolt. Those he recruited had to contend not only with the Imperial presence, but also with Talz collaborators; some of the natives chose to work with the Imperials in keeping their species under control, in exchange for special favors. Gar, in particular, resisted the adventurers attempts at insurgency. While this attempted revolution was ultimately unsuccessful, the Talz finally got their freedom shortly after the Battle of Endor; due to the massive defeat there, Imperial leaders consolidated their forces throughout the galaxy, withdrawing them from many Outer Rim holdings, including Alzoc III.

New Republic eraEdit

It was not until 7 ABY that the New Republic Senate discovered mention of the planet in secret corporate files. Rediscovering the planet, the New Republic introduced the Talz to many other species. Mining continued on the planet under New Republic supervision, with the Talz taking ownership of the mines. They began to develop a system of trade with offworlders, although they interacted with their trading partners guardedly. Talz leaving their world was still rare during this period, although some did do so. Some of these travelers were captured by the Imperial warlord Zsinj for use in his experiments. His scientists pumped the beings full of chemicals in order to stimulate their rage centers. One such individual was released by Castin Donn and killed a number of his tormentors before being killed himself.

In 12 ABY, the planet was visited by the Eye of Palpatine, an Imperial battlemoon, which had been dormant for thirty years. Originally commissioned by Emperor Palpatine in order to destroy a Jedi enclave on Belsavis, the battlemoon had been disabled by the Jedi Knight Callista Ming before it could be activated. When it was restarted by the dark Jedi Irek Ismaren, it carried out its programming written years earlier, which included clandestinely gathering an aggregate of two stormtrooper companies from a number of Outer Rim worlds where they had been stationed decades earlier. Unable to find the long absent stormtroopers, the slowly deteriorating DZ-70 fugitive tracker droids of the Eye of Palpatine took aboard whatever bipeds they could find. As such, when it stopped at Alzoc III, it took a number of Talz aboard, attempting to indoctrinate them as stormtroopers. The battlemoon was prevented from completing its mission by the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and two of his trainees, who had also been conscripted by the starship while stranded on Pzob. Skywalker managed to evacuate all the inhabitants off the starship, with aid from the Talz, before one of his companions self-destructed it. Skywalker later ensured the Talz were returned to Alzoc III. The ice planet was again visited by Imperial-aligned forces when the Empire Reborn, a splinter movement, established a small outpost there. The movement was led by former Procurator of Justice, Lord Hethrir, who while in office had overseen extensive slaving operations throughout the galaxy. It is possible that it was in this capacity that he established a presence on the ice planet. Rumors of the Imperial activities there reached Mon Mothma, head of the New Republic Intelligence Service. She hired the mercenaries Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors to investigate; posing as cargo haulers delivering goods in their starship, the Raven's Claw, Katarn infiltrated the base from within one of the cargo containers. However, the Imperial forces became aware of his activity, and took Ors captive; she had landed the Raven's Claw in another hangar bay to wait for Kyle. Despite the outpost being defended by stormtroopers, probe droids, and lightsaber wielding members of the Reborn (warriors artificially imbued with the Force), Katarn, a former Jedi himself, was able to rescue Ors and escape the base. It is likely it was later destroyed by a proper New Republic force.

As Alzoc III became more established in the galaxy, new opportunities opened up for the Talz. One youngling went on to train at the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4 among such Jedi luminaries as Jaina Solo and Lowbacca. Aj Koenes would train as a water specialist, later working for the Senate Select Committee for Refugees (SELCORE) in terraforming Duro during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Talz also traveled to worlds such as Phaeda, Vaynai, and Lok.

Society and cultureEdit

Although Alzoc III has been introduced into the greater galactic community, it still remains a relatively primitive and backwater world. Little is known of the local Talz cultures.

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