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The Anarrians were a Near-Human species that evolved on the Unknown Regions planet Altiria/Anarris. They were a militaristic species, placing great importance on the strength of one's body and on the physical aspects of life. By refining themselves through combat and physical development, Anarrians strove to achieve perfection and a higher status in life. They were locked in a perpetual war with the other sentient species on the planet, the Altiri, and they felt it was the perfect testing ground for their beliefs. Most Anarrians spoke Basic in addition of their native tongue.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Anarrians' bodies were covered in fur that varies in color from light blonde to dark brown. They had long pointed ears and ridge of small horns crosses their face above the brow. Anarrians were on average 1.8 meters in height and had a maturity rate slightly greater than that of Humans but a life span that was shorter.

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