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General Information
Homeworld Andromeda (constellation)
Body Type Humanoid
Height Human-like
Skin Colors Bluish-violet
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Benevolent
Behind the Scenes
Universe Reality

Andromedans are allegedly real sapient extraterrestrial beings inhabiting constellation Andromeda. This species visited planet Earth in 1954 apparently.

Biology Edit

Andromedan are either humanoid[1] or energy beings.[2] Since beings or things cannot be made of energy, akin to how they cannot be made of mass, the latter description is implausible. However, by "energy" beings some authors or alleged witnesses might actually be referring to plasma beings instead.

Most sources and pictures depict them as blue or violet.[3]

History Edit

According to some sources, the Andromedans form part of an interstellar federation, known as the Council of Andromeda[1][3] Their goals for planet Earth and humanity vary greatly, from removing all hostile extraterrestrial presence[3] to promoting the use of electric cars.[4] However, they always seem to have good intentions and are protective of humankind. 

References Edit

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