Andros is Aisha, Nabu and Roy's home world. It is the Realm of Oceans and is connected to all oceans in the Magic Dimension.


It is a planet that is predominantly covered in water with a few jungle islands, like the Omega Portal, the Island of Nadu, the Island of Nantros, which contains a volcano, the Island of Guanaco, which also is volcanic and the Black Island which is very volcanic. There are also pirates around these islands. There are also the ruins of buildings above and below the water which were never explained.

There are two main societies on Andros: the inhabitants of dry land and the inhabitants of the sea. Both societies are run by a monarchy, with the current rulers of the realm being King Teredor and Queen Niobe, who are Aisha's parents, on the surface and King Neptune under the sea, and therefore establishing a system of dual-monarchy on Andros which all other magical creatures such as the Mermaids acknowledge as supreme authority.

The comic series revealed that Andros has problems with piracy in many parts of the realm. There is even a pirate haven hidden.

The SurfaceEdit

The inhabitants of dry land include the fairies, humans and wizards. Aisha's family is the predominant royalty, while Nabu is a member of another influential family, the richest family on Andros.
Andros Surface


The surface of Andros is ruled by King Teredor and Queen Niobe, their only child and probably the heir to the throne being Princess Aisha. Teredor is the brother of Neptune, the king of the Seas on Andros.

Andros also has many nobles, many of whom are very rich. The society of the surface is more conservative on Andros compared to most other realms, as, in season 3, Stella said that in old times a princess' parents would publicly announce her future wedding to a groom that they had chosen, and Aisha said that it was still so in some realms, hinting at Andros, where her parents had already arranged her wedding to Nabu, whom she had not met yet.


The underwater inhabitants include mermaids and their male counterparts, the tritons and the ruler of all the Seas is the triton Neptune, who is a relative of King Teredor and, while Teredor is the King of Andros above the surface, Neptune is the King of Andros under the Sea, his Queen being Ligea, and with all the sea creatures acknowledging his rule.
Andros Underwater

A large and dangerous legendary creature called the Kraken also lives deep in the oceans of Andros.

There is a magical link between Andros and the oceans of all other planets in the Magic Dimension. In Season 3, Aisha swam into the ocean on Magix to emerge on Andros. According to Aisha and Tressa, the depth of the Ocean of Tides does not have a bottom, and Aisha called the Sea of Andros the "Heart of All Oceans" when a dimensional shock wave caused a tidal wave after Valtor opened the Omega Portal on Andros.


The Triton Neptune rules all of Andros under the Sea, with his Queen being the Mermaid Ligea and their children are the Princess Tressa and the twin princes Nereus and Tritannus. Neptune is the brother of King Teredor and Queen Niobe and the uncle of Aisha. In Season 5, Neptune named Nereus as his heir to the throne, making Tritannus jealous.

While King Neptune has an army of Tritons, it is the warrior mermaids who have the important task of guarding the portal to the Omega Dimension. The merfolk have wings or fins and can fly, as well as live out of the water. When Valtor escaped, he put a dark spell on some mermaids, turning them into monsters and gained control over them.


  • Prison of Andros - It is a prison near the Andros gate, where Tritannus was imprisoned. This was the first place toxins attacked.
  • Labyrinth of the Abysses - It is a strange and creepy place with lots of twists and turns with only the
    Labyrinth of the Abysses

    Labyrinth of the Abysses

    voice of the ocean, which the Shimmering Shells, can be heard as a guide.
  • Cove of the Shimmering Shells - It is a place at the surface of the Oceans of Andros. The Labyrinth of the Abysses is directly below it, where the Shimmering Shells, a group of gleaming shells, sing with the ocean's voice.


  • "Andros" is a Greek word meaning "Man", as well as the name of an island of the Cyclades Archipelago.
  • Revealed by the comics, Andros is home to many exotic creatures not found anywhere else in the magic dimension.
  • Andros is the home world of Tritannus - the main villain in Season 5.
  • In the 4Kids dub, Andros is called Tides.
  • Andros has two kingdoms that is land and underwater.
  • Andros was the main setting during Season 3 and 5.
  • The ruler of the underwater kingdom of Andros is Tritannus's family & the ruler of the land kingdom of Andros is Aisha's family.
  • On the Winx Club website it is found that Andros exists 90% of water.
  • Ironically, this is the world where Valtor's threat began and this is also where it ended when Bloom defeated him in the Omega Portal. Coincidentally, this is also where Tritannus' threat started

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