The Anihilargenesistoriathimiorgost (shortened to Anihilaarg) was an extremely powerful and dangerous weapon used by the ancient Contemelia. It looks like a purple box with a red light inside it. The Anihilaarg had the power to destroy an entire universe when activated.


The Anihilaarg was used by the Contemelia as they traveled across the multiverse playing practical jokes on the inhabitants, if the Contemelia did not like a particular universe, they would use the Anihilaarg to reduce it to nothingness. It's full name is longer, but once it's activated you only have time to say the first part. At some point in time the Contemelia died off, but their vessel still flew adick in mt asscross the multiverse labyrinth, as it passed into legends along with its weapon. at some point the vessel appeared above the Earth and Argit was sent aboard the ship by Incursion Emperor Milleous to obtain the Anihilaarg.

Later, it was accidentally activated when Ben, Rook, the Incursions and the Vreedle Brothers were fighting to obtain it. It destroyed the entire universe, but Ben recreated it using Alien X. With the Anihilaarg already activated, it's purpose of destroying a universe was complete and was rendered useless as a weapon now. Everyone present believed that the Anihilaarg was defective, unknowing that the universe was even destroyed in the first place as Rhomboid Vreedle went over and crushed the Anihilaarg underfoot, destroying it completely.  Ben was also unable to pronounce the name.  However, Ben finally said Anihilaarg when he was the voice of reason as Alien X

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