The Annihilator Beam is a Luminoth weapon developed during the Luminoth-Ing War, and one of the most powerful Luminoth weapons ever devised. It is a deadly weapon that utilizes both light and dark energy and fires powerful shots of Matter/Antimatter.


It is unknown when the Annihilator Beam was created, but the nature of the weapon suggests that it was implemented before the Ing started to gain the advantage late in the war. Only one of these beams have been seen; the one used by the massive Luminoth warmech, Quadraxis. The same beam was used by Samus Aran after she had destroyed Quadraxis at the Hive Temple, deep within the Ing Hive on Dark Aether.


The Annihilator Beam is a devastating weapon, born from a destructive combination of Light and Dark Energies. The beam fires shots of Matter/Antimatter at a rate rivalling the Power Beam, which home in on nearby enemies. However, since it used both Light and Dark Energy, it uses the ammo of both respective beams, and when one beam ammo supply is depleted, it will need to get more. Luckily, it can easily get ammo packs for both beams by killing enemies and containers. The beam is effective against both Ing/Darklings and normal creatures, and can operate both sides of a Light Crystal Mechanism and open Light and Dark portals. In addition, it can operate Sonic Key Systems when used with the Echo Visor.

When used with the Charge Beam, it fires a sonic blast that deals heavy damage within a wide blast radius. An add-on for the beam, the Sonic Boom, allows it to fire a blast powerful enough to break the sound barrier. All enemies in the room sustain severe damage, if not killed, from the intense sonic blast.

It can be used on Light Crystals and Beacons to supercharge them. A Super Crystal creates a Safe Zone that damages any Ing or Darklings that enter it, like a Charged Crystal. But because the Crystal is infused with powerful Dark Energy, the field becomes irresistible to the Ing, causing them to run into the deadly field without hesitation.


  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (First appearance)

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