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Annoo-dat Blue
Universe Star Wars Universe
Homeworld Annoo
Average Height 6'5"
Sapience Level Sapient

The Annoo-dat Blue, originally called the Ret, were a reptilian species which came from the planet Gelefil, until it was conquered by the Annoo-dat Prime and renamed Annoo.

When the Annoo-dat invaded and conquered their planet the Ret eventually (after a century of Annoo-dat rule) began to call themselves Annoo-dat. To avoid confusion xenobiologists called the original Annoo-dat the Annoo-dat Prime and the Ret the Annoo-dat Blue, though the two races didn't make such distinctions.

The cultures of the two races merged and the Dat-an language replaced the Tra'ang'a language as the most popular language on Gelefil.

The Annoo-dat Blue were about 1 1/2 feet shorter than the Annoo-dat Prime, they had heavy eyelids and scales, which changed colour with their emotions. They also had an average lifespan of hundreds of years.

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