Anobis was a Mid Rim agriworld located in the Bright Jewel sector's Anobis system.


Anobis was colonized by Human settlers sometime after 3000 BBY and before the Ruusan Reformation of the Galactic Republic. Setting up mining and agricultural in different regions of the world, two different cultures began to form. The miners of the mountainous region depended heavily on trade with the larger galaxy in order to survive, while the farmers in the lowland plains felt self-sufficient and did not like galactic government imposing laws on their society.[2]

Under the Galactic Empire, the miners thrived, enjoying the freedom to trade outside the system. At the height of the Galactic Civil War however, the farmers wanted to join the Alliance to Restore the Republic; the schism that ensued sparked an intense civil war that raged for about twenty five years until 24 ABY when Captain Han Solo of the New Republic met with the leaders of both groups and stopped the fighting.