Young Anodite
General Information
Homeworld Anodyne
Habitat Mana
Body Type Mana Humanoid
Height about average Human
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

Anodites are a free-spirited race of humanoid energy beings from the planet Anodyne. 


Anodites are beings of life energy, most commonly known as Mana. The entire body of an Anodite is a humanoid-shaped construct of pure, compressed Mana; a deep-dark purple color and long flowing tendrils of 'hair' are a bright pinkish purple glowing color.

The color of their mana is bright/light blue (in the original series) and many different shades of pink, magenta and fuchsia and/with occasional shades of violet-purple mixed together.

Only true female Anodites have been seen, it is unknown what true male Anodites look like. The figure and shape of female Anodites is similar to that of a human female, along with having what appear to be shaped like breasts.


Anodites are quite free-spirited and most don't take life as seriously as most humans to the point that some Anodites disregard the morality of their actions and would rather satisfy their own personal pleasures, but that doesn't stop them from helping others; according to Verdona, Anodites help "scads of people." They can also be slightly condescending to non-energy beings.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Anodites in human forms can manipulate mana at a lesser degree than in their true forms for a variety of effects like: reality-warping, energy manipulation, flight, telekinesis, object creation and dissipation, opening portals, repairing objects, elemental manipulation, telepathy, dowsing, memory manipulation and invisibility,space and time controlling.

In their true forms, they can warp reality, fly across space, transport themselves and others to other dimensions, create a body of their choice and are able to draw in the mana around them to replenish themselves if the need arises, such as when they're weakened. Anodites can heal themselves and groups of others.

Anodites are able to control darkness and light. They are also able to absorb energy and release it, absorb electricity and release it, and absorb radiation and release it at any given rate. They are able to absorb all the sun's energy eventually putting it out. Anodites are able to overheat or super-freeze the mana surrounding them.They are able to freeze entire planets to the core. They are able to survive under absolute zero degrees. Anodites can manipulate mana in the air to make wind currents.  Anodites are able to release massive amounts of mana all at once, which may result in powerful attacks and maneuvers. These maneuvers can be anything from huge energy blasts,to mass scale absorptions. Anodites are capable of blowing up multiple planets with one shot. All anodites have a universal connection with all mana. With this connection, they are able to gain all sorts of information; like knowing where someone is located across the galaxy by tracing their mana no matter how far they are. they have the entire universe mapped out in their heads. Anodites also have psychic powers like telepathy, dowsing, clairvoyance, and telekinesis. Anodites are technically immortal, able to change their age.

The more mana an Anodite draws in, the more powerful the Anodite becomes.

Anodite Gwen has also shown the ability to grow to giant size when she gets angry. It's unknown if Anodites can use this ability in their human forms.

It does, however, require about 75 years before an Anodite can fully master all of their powers and abilities. Using their full power without mastering their powers would result in them being overwhelmed by the power and forget about their life before they awaken the power..


Anodites are able to reproduce with humans by assuming a human body.

If an Anodite reproduces with a human, there's no guarantee the offspring will inherit Anodite powers and abilities. Anodite powers and abilities (which Verdona refers to as "the spark") can also occur in offspring in later generations. Neither of Verdona's children inherited her Anodite powers and abilities, but her granddaughter did. 

Notes Edit

  • Anodites are able to use magic.
  • Anodites lack DNA.
  • Though they're technically immortal, they can actually die if all their life energy is drained out of them. This does not affect mature anodites because they are pure energy