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Figures commonly believed to be the Anunnaki. Actually Sumarian "genies" tasked with fertilizing flowers.
General Information
Homeworld Nibiru
Habitat Earth-like
Body Type Humanoid
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes

The Annunaki were the main gods of the Sumerian pantheon. Their name and certain aspects of their mythology have been co-opted by certain theorists on several occasions.

Mesopotamian mythology Edit

According to ancient Mesopotamian mythology, Anunnaki are sons and daughters of Anu, the supreme deity in the Sumerian belief system. Ki is the goddess of the Earth. The offspring of Anu and Ki are called the Anunnaki. Instead of thinking in terms of black and white, it is useful to realize that Anu and Ki should be thought of metaphorically as the people from the sky (IBIRDS) and the planet itself, respectively. The Anunnaki are then simply the children which Anu created on planet Ki.

The Anunnaki were served by the Igigi until the Igigi revolted, forcing the Anunnaki to create Mankind. These servants were not slaves; they were held in high regard, and they were created only to relieve the gods of their labour. In the beginning, Mankind had no set lifespan, and so the gods could only control overpopulation via flood, plague, and famine. During the final deluge, the gods wept at the suffering of Mankind, and so Man was given a set lifespan. It is during this deluge that Ziusudra (Noah) survived with his wife on the ark. The story of the final flood can be found in Atra-Hasis and the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Myth mentioned above and parallels to other Myths Edit

This is the first myth of the relationship between ENKI- ANU.This is called the Sky God and Earth Mother myth, which illustrates the relationship between the Sky and Earth. There is also a deity called Enlil that controls and watches of the sky as his kingdom.

  • Uranus and Gaia of Greece
  • Tengri and Eje of Tengriism in Siberia
  • Ranginui and Papatuanaku in Maori Myth
  • Dyaus Pitar and Prithvi Mata in Hindu Religion

There are other folk beliefs relating to Sky and Ground. jai

Looking for Gold vs Transmutation technology of a Cosmic Race? Edit

Another counter argument for the Anunnaki theory is the question of "Looking for Gold" and trying to dig gold from planet Earth. If applied to technology of the Cosmic Era, the idea of looking for gold is ridiculous and absurd since already in the modern era, transmutation has been very possible by using energy from the Vacuum, also known as Luminous Aether. The technology comes from electricity, and is very based on Cosmic technology, meaning that the Anunnaki would've already known how to make gold through transmutation of cheap metals, therefore why would they look for gold, in fact they are already a cosmic civilization, and missing this key fact that they can perform transmutation from radiant energy, it would demoralize them in the face of the cosmos.

General OverviewEdit

The Anunnaki are a race of beings that traveled across into the depths of space. They've settled into a planet called Earth. The Anunnaki ruled the race called "Igigi" who worked for the Anunnaki. But after 2500 years of labor, the Igigi rebelled against the Anunnaki. Enki suggested to create a new race. The Anunnaki observed the possibilities, and in a place called Eden, they have created the Human race, mixing clay with the flesh and blood of an Anunnaki so that the new race could have the divine wisdom. Nintu put the dollop into "shells" and nine months later, humankind was born. In the end, the humans proved to be a good workforce.

Fertile Crescent ReligionEdit

The Annunaki deities were worshiped by the Ancient Sumerians. In the Sumerian religion, they were forbidden to show the Annunaki Gods in their true form, so instead, the Sumerians depicted them as anthropomorphic animals in place of their true form. Later on the Sumerian ethnic group has been replaced by Akkadians then later Babylonians until they've been converted to monotheistic religions such as Zoroastrianism and Christianity.blah blah blah



The Anunnaki have no defined appearance, although according to the fertile crescent mythology, the Anunnaki are most likely to look like humans in their original forms, but in larger height. The Anunnaki are a shape-shifting race and can mold themselves into many shapes and sizes.

Although commonly it is believed that (if they can't shape-shift) their believed appearance is either a Tall Bipedal Eagle-like Avian, a bipedal Crocodile-looking Reptile or most commonly a Tall Humanoid. However, according to archaeological evidence, the Anunnaki harbored other species to serve them which could include Reptoids and/or Greys. Because of this, some would attribute their appearance to Reptilian creatures. Furthermore, if the Anunnaki mixed their DNA with ours, then we would be Reptiles rather than a mammal.

Sapience levelEdit

The sapience level of the Anunnaki is definitely sapient, although some have proposed the Anunnaki to be super sapient. Super sapience is the amount of intelligence held by an individual, when compared to Humans, would literally be the intelligence relationship between Humans and Chimpanzees.


According to certain conspiracy theorists, the Sumerian language appears to be the language taught to the humans by the Annunaki, since it's assumed to be the first language ever written. It has been said that the language of the Annunaki is considered to be pre-Sumerian. If this is true, the closest language to the Annunaki could be Hungarian since in pre-modern history, many linguists have found many similarities between the Hungarian language and the Sumerian language. The Hungarians are believed to be the exiled remains of the Sumerians, and many legends from ancient Hungarian culture relates to the Annunaki myth. The Manysi and the Khanty ethnic group, like the Hungarians are classified in the "Ugaric" language family and one individual converted to shamanism, into believing the Mansi to be descendants of Sumerians. However, linguistic affinities are also being found between Hebrew, hinting the another link of Sumerian with the Semetic languages, in which biblical scriptures were originally written in. Akkadian was a semetic language once used often with Sumerian, during the arrival of Akkadians into Iraq.

Spoken Language Edit

There are rare instances of actual spoken language that are said to be Annunaki such as this one. It is not clear from where this material originates. Link [1]

More instances of this and other E.T. languages have surfaced recently. It is said that this information comes from both direct contact with the originating species in both the distant past and in some cases the current time. A growing collection of information about these languages - including the Anunnaki spoken language - and background into how using them is possible can now be found. [2]

Collapse of the Babel towerEdit

It is believed that the ancient Sumerian language has deviated into several different languages which create the primary language families we know today. The language of the Annunaki was believed to be a language that preserved a lot of logic, meaning it was a language that had high accuracy, and was very specific in the things to be said in that language. If so, then the language would have very sophisticated grammar which would take a lot of time learning. When the Original human language began to break up, instances of languages losing cases and signature grammatical features may have been greatly lost. Hungarian, however, contains many linguistic features which appear to be alien to its neighboring Indo-European languages. Hebrew also has had linguistic affinities, hinting a link between Sumerian and Semetic Languages.

Relationship with other alien species Edit

Pleiadians Edit

The Pleiadians are another alien species. Pleiadians and Annunaki are two separate species. Pleiadians have been noted as a benevolent race promoting a nature of peace and prosperity, while it is unknown if they perform activities which involve creation. The nature of the Annunaki is not noted so it would not be practical to relate their habits to the Pleiadians. It is not clear if any deities in ancient world (although Christ has been hinted under the name of "Imannuel") religions were Pleiadians. The Pleiadians have a wide array of appearances, the most common one being Nordic. That particular appearance annotates Pleiadians as being blonde haired and blue eyed to an albino-like appearance. Their physique is characterized to be tall height and larger muscle mass. They have been called Nordics due to their similarities with Scandinavians.

There are also other variations of Pleiadians of dark complexion. One variation makes Pleiadians have the appearance similar to Negroid people. Another variation makes Pleiadians have the appearance of East Indian people. Regardless, the predominant depiction of Pleiadians is the Nordic depiction. Regardless of this, the Pleiadians have been stated to look like humans or even came from planet Earth to leave other humans many ages ago. Pleiadians are supposed to be better looking versions of us. They nearly always lack pigmentation in their skin and hair, giving them the an albino appearance. Many Pleiadians have an Blonde appearance similar to Ancient Angels. As a rule, Pleiadians don't carry around much excess fat, although females are known to have curvy figures. They don't usually have curly hair or beards, But some have beard and long hair. Pleiadians care about human future more than us. They send their people on Earth to help humanity. They're all working towards raising the consciousness of humanity and uplifting the vibrations of planet Earth. Overall, these species could well relate or are the Annunaki, who are known to have come from "the image of man".

Reptiles or Tiamatians Edit

They originated from the green planet "Tiamat", which had similar characteristics of earth covered with a large forest and water. It belonged to the solar system, was the fifth planet. Nibiru had a huge moon called "Kingo" similar the Neptune in size, as also similar to the size of Tiamat, the first pass of Nibiru the earth, Kingo and Tiamat collides creating a large asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, one of those fragments fell in earth killing all dinosaurs in prehistory, Tiamatians immigrate to Mars and then to Earth, evidence of these elongated skull reptilian, is found in Egypt and abandoned caves built by them. The Reptilians are another alien species which are rumored to be real. It is not clear if the Anunnaki or Reptilians are two separate species (although this assertion is most likely), or, in fact, are the same species (despite any real evidence to support that).

Reptilians have also been noted to shape shift, and have knowledge on genetic engineering. Some ancient gods worshiped in ancient world religions are believed to be Reptilian in nature, but is a common attribute for all world religions where gods are mixed into animal/anthropomorphic hybrids. Furthermore, the difference is that the Reptilians are humanoid reptiles in their original form, with scales (and sometimes described to be reptiles without scales) while Sumerian tablets represent the Anunnaki gods as giant, muscular humanoids. Additionally, if humans were made in the image and likeness of a reptilian Anunnaki, then humans would be reptilian in appearance. The Reptilians have been known to have a malevolent nature, though benevolent Reptilians rumored to exist separate from the human Anunnaki. Despite all of this, the nature of the Anunnaki is predominantly unknown.

Greys Edit

The relationship with the Greys is predominantly unknown. Greys are a race of beings known to be genderless. They have the ability to perform telepathy, and are noted to have large heads, implying that they're supposed to be intelligent. Both Greys and the Annunaki are experienced in genetic engineering, as Greys use the technology to clone themselves or make fertile hybrids from humans and Pleiadians to create fertile versions of themselves. It's possible, the Greys are a servant race to the Anunnaki, but more than that, the relationship between the two is unclear.

Proposed origins Edit

Nibiru Edit

Nibiru is a name for either a planet or an unborn Dwarf state which contains orbiting planets and celestial objects (such as tiny asteroids) of its own, which are possible homewords for the Annunaki. This place has also been theorized for the homeland of reptilians.

Kingdom of God Edit

It has been theorized that the Annunaki were spirits created by God, like angels, thus making their homeland, the Kingdom of God, as called paradise by Muslims and heaven, by the western world (when heaven actually means what we see in the sky, and is actually a synonym of outer space). This theory is only supported if the Anunnaki were servants of the Abrahamic God, as opposed to them being their own gods. In the Islamic view, the Anunnaki would either be free-willed (jinn or djinn) or Angels following God's every command. In the present Christian view, the Anunnaki would be angels following God's command, or fallen angels that disobeyed God and went on to pursue their own desires. Rakes, a strange cryptid on the other hand, have been significantly exemplified by conspiracy theorists to be descendants of fallen angels, and in Islamic sources, to be among the jinns.

Culture Edit

The culture is unknown, however, the architectural designs are likely to be very similar to the designs used by the Sumerians.

Religion Edit

The religion of the Anunnaki is unknown and there's a possibility of four religions.

  • Monotheism, where theists worship the Abrahamic God (as their stories documented by Sumerians parallel to the stories in the Old Testament), and would draw evidence that the Annunaki were commanded by God, or ultimately their actions were their mistakes, but intended by God.
  • Polytheism as practiced by the Sumerians
  • Atheism, as it's commonly interpreted with the extreme advance of technology, and supports claim that the Anunnaki were atheists and denying a superior being since they believe to have no evidence to support such a claim as paralleled to some humans in our advanced society today.
  • Monism/Pantheism, where a belief that everything is God, or that All is one, and a manifestation of one thing, belief that everything is led by consciousness, religion of Altantis, condemned by modern monotheists who abstain from the belief of God being mixed with his creation. Similar to Spinoza's God concept, supposed religion of extraterrestrials.

If the Anunnaki were ever religious, it would draw some parallels to the religion of extraterrestrials of the science fiction we know today. The Anunnaki display parallels with the Xel'Naga of Starcraft and they would have similarities in religion with the Protoss. Remarkably, Ridley Scott's Prometheus (2012) gives an exact representation of what the Anunnaki looked like and how they acted upon humans and creation. The Engineers, as they are known in the film, are humanoid creatures that are much larger and much more muscular than a normal human being. This appearance is what was described and seen by the ancient Sumerians. Overall, Prometheus (2012) was made as a film to go over the ancient astronaut theory according to Erick von Daniken's Chariots of the Gods.

Significance Edit

Evolution, creationism and ancient history Edit

Darwin's theory of evolution has given a very big struggle with the views thought from the world's religions. The Anunnaki play a key role as a point of Evolutionists, Creationists and Ancient historians meet. The Anunnaki version of creationism was based on ancient excavations of ancient documents and artifacts that support the evidence of ancient civilizations being helped by extraterrestrials. In ancient manuscripts, there are several accounts that imply ancient civilizations having knowledge in advanced science that we humans have just learned in the modern era. The double helix model of the DNA, is sometimes linked with the double helix snake on a rod symbol, found commonly among medical symbols. This has been linked to the fact that the snake symbol is based on the DNA model, which is some evidence of ancient historians having knowledge about the DNA genome model. The ancient liturgical texts of Mesopotamia was linked with different passages in the Hebrew Bible, for example, the Epic of Gilgamesh parallels the Noah's Ark story, and the Genesis in the Torah parallels to the Sumerian creation myth, involving the Annunaki.

Conspiracy theories Edit

In Modern Conspiracy Theory, which revolves around subjects like the Illuminati and the secret plans of the world elite such as the NWO, the Anunnaki have gained much interest from conspiracy theorists. The Annunaki are thought to be linked to Reptilians, and have been continuously said to be the same species; however, there is no evidence to support that argument. Humans would be reptilian in nature and most of our world religions would have reptiles rather than giant humans such as seen in the Sumerian tablets of the humanoid Anunnaki. Other than that, there are statements saying the world elite are directly related to the Annunaki, now secretly collaborating a doomsday plot to rid or enslave humanity once again. Humans directly related to the superior Anunnaki have claimed to be the first to discover humanity's purpose near our creation. The Anunnaki creation myth is annotated to have different views, for instance, some claiming it's great evidence supporting creationism, and others claiming negative views of the creation myth, viewing the Anunnaki as a malevolent race, wanting to make mankind complete slaves.

See alsoEdit

  • Chariots of the Gods - A book concerning ancient civilization and the possibility of extraterrestrial influence
  • Prometheus (2012)- Directed by Ridley Scott that presents a story of human explorers searching for the origins of humanity from outer space.
  • Xel'naga- A fictional race made by Blizzard for the Starcraft universe, displays similarities with the Anunnaki such as genetic engineering technology.
  • In The Beginning : The Epic of the Anunnaki - A graphic novel depicting the Anunnaki, their Ancient Astronaut journey from Nibiru to Earth, and their interactions with humanity's genesis.

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