Figures believed to be the Anunnaki
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Homeworld Aldebaran[1]
Habitat Earth
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Sapience Level Super
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The Annunaki, in ufology, are alleged extraterrestrial beings who originate from the Taurus constellation, and are from a planet that orbits Aldebaran.[2]


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Various sources attribute the Anunaki to be tall, fair skinned (pale looking[1] or white), blond, and blue eyed,[3] the progenitors of the Caucasians.[4] In the Transcripts of Lacerta (1999), Lacerta identifies these beings as the Illojim from the star system Aldebaran in the (Taurus constellation).[1] The term Illojim is a Hebrew variant of Eloheem, in which case the Anunnaki are a variant of the Eloheem. They separated from the Eloheem as understood in common creation motifs of ancient Sumerian, Babylonian, and Hebrew script. It is suggested that the Anunnaki were brethren of the Eloheem (Sitchin) . But the generally accepted belief is that Eloheem was Angels like Anu of the other race as both mated with human women to form the Anunnaki and the Nephilim.

Eloheem are possibly "the angels" mentioned in the bible, the book of Enoch, and the god Anu in Sumerian scriptures.

Nibiru colonyEdit

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Google starmaps, claimed to be Nibiru

After separating from the Eloheem, the Anunnaki eventually came to the Solar System. Upon entry, they may have colonized a satellite called as an outpost. Nibiru is somehow connected to the Solar System, but on an obscure orbital path. The similarities of the stories of ancient Sumeria and Hebrew, suggest that the true origins of the Annunaki stem from the Eloheem who came from Aldebaran.[1] Nibiru is a hypothetical planet or celestial object that would most likely serve as an outpost or colony for the Anunnaki. Nibiru is often misapplied to be the homeworld of the Anunnaki in the studies of Zecharia Sitchin's work.

Nibiru may be the famous prison of the fallen angels mentioned in the bible, it seems that the separation between the Eloheem and the Anunnakis was in fact a war between them in the very distant past.

In ancient Greece, Nibiru was portrayed as "Tartarus" by dazzling a dark red that they confused with a red fire, where the nucleus of Nibiru possesses a volcanic prison of beings denominated of demons, or the true prison of Lucifer along with its ally Lilith And their sons demons, where the Anunnaki were jailers of these demons.

Earth colonyEdit


Creation of man

The Anunnaki first colonized the Earth probably about 450,000 years ago (Sitchin), looking for exotic minerals, such as hydrogen, copper[1] and possibly gold (Sitchin). These "gods" were the rank and file workers of the colonial expedition to Earth from the colonized planet Nibiru. Upon settling on Earth, the Anunnaki ruled a race of beings called the "Igigi" (the first creation of Anunnaki as demigods) whom they tried to enslave. After 2500 years of labor, the Igigi rebelled against the Anunnaki; the Igigi then fled to the caves. The Anunnaki Lord Enki suggested that a new race should be created. The Anunnaki observed the possibilities, and likely in the place called Eridu (possibly Eden), they genetically modified[1] Hominini to create the perfect Human "in their eyes" (Genesis 1:31). They mixed clay with the flesh and blood of Anunnaki so that the new race could have the "divine wisdom" (possibly enlightenment). Nintu put the dollop into "shells" and "nine months" (or nine cycles) later, modern man was born. In the end, the humans proved to be a good workforce. The Annunaki deities were worshiped by the Ancient Sumerians. The Sumerians were forbidden to carve images of the Annunaki gods in their true form, so instead, they depicted them as anthropomorphic animals in place of their true form.

There are possibilities that the creation of man is responsible for the separation of the Eloheem where he originated the Anunnaki and his Nibiruan prison. returning after the seventh generation of Adam, when the earth was led away by the Eloheem after the fall of Adam, the Anunnaki used the earth's ores to build a perfect atmosphere for Nibiru and colonize the earth for the divine alteration of their opponents.

Relationships' Edit


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Nature, Oldest ancient-human DNA details dawn of Neanderthals dates the emergence of Neanderthal to 900,000 MYA which is a very close match to the Lacerta's 1.5 MYA ("1,5") interpretation of Anunnaki arrival, minus 12 cycles of Sitchin's 36,000 year Nibiru orbit principle. Zecharia Sitchin and the Transcriptions of Lacerta both agree that the Anunnaki "genetically modified" mankind. By applying Sitchin's 36,000 year Nibiru orbit theory, it could stand to reason that the Anunaki made 36,000 year visits to Earth (from 1.5 MYA) to stimulate three main splits of early man, within a 432,000 year time block (12 cycles): (1) Homo ergaster, (2) Homo erectus, and (3) Neanderthal, and to further conduct genetic sub-splits from these main groups (as seen with various sub species of early man). Lacerta asserts that mankind did not follow the natural course of evolution, as it takes millions of years to achieve civilization. The empirical evidence of dated human bones deriving from these three main categories, cohabiting at divergence within the same period, attests to intervention. This intervention theory is further reinforced by the non-consensus and the many conflicts among mainstream scientists as to which species diverged from who. (Read Homo ergaster#Classification and distinctions, Homo erectus#Classification and distinctions, and Neanderthal#Classification at Wikipedia). It would seem that the intent of the Anunnaki was to achieve the production of the variety of man, or woman, that was "good in their eyes" (Comp Genesis 1:31).

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Greys Edit

During the ice age of the earth, the Anunnakis built their bases on Mars and maintained contact with visiting beings; one of the contacts made was with the Gray race. The Zeta Greys[5] are representatives of the Anunnaki, with modifications, and were installed as kings as early as 4000 BCE,[6] and likely earlier.[7] Like Humans, the Greys have was allies been to genetic modifications by unification technological the Anunnaki to humans in the past. Some of the earliest Grey (Zeta) subjects were modified to look more Anunnakit is believed that the Pharaoh Akhenaten is the result of an abduction, by the Grays, during the gestation of his mother.[6] He is said to be a Grey (Zeta) king installed over the New Kingdom of Egypt around 1350 BCE.[8]

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Pleiadians Edit

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Taurus Constellation

Pleiadeans identify with the same constellation that the Anunnaki do: Pleiadians, it is believed, are direct descendants of the Anunnaki. The Taurus constellation. They are both groups of beings who are described as tall, fair looking, blonde, and blue-eyed. The thing that separate the two is thst the Anunnaki identify with Aldebaran and the Pleiadeans with Pleiades, a star cluster in the Taurus constellation. The Pleiadeans were either: modified by the Anunnaki; descendants of the Anunnaki; or are one and the same, and Pleiades is just another colony of the Anunnaki. They both share similar characteristics and both identify with Taurus. Pleiadeans have also visited Earth as early as 10,000 BCE, along side the Anunnaki.[9] The Pleiadians have a similar appearance to their Anunnaki ancestors, and are even confused with angels; among the most visible of contacts was with the prophet Joseph Smith (creator of the Mormons) and the Tall Whites (who possibly inhabit the area 51 of the United States).

Reptiles or Tiamatians Edit

The Tiamatians originated from the fragment green planet "Tiamat", which had similar characteristics to earth: it was covered in large forested areas and had water. It was the fifth planet in the solar system. Tiamat had a huge moon called "Kingo", similar to Neptune in size, and also similar to the size of Tiamat. The first pass of Nibiru meant that the Earth, Kingo and Tiamat collided - creating a large asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. One of those fragments fell to earth killing the dinossurs. The Anunnaki unified DNA of dinosaurs to the rock microorganism; which originated from a fragment of Tiamat. This was their first genetic work in creating a humanoid in the form of the Igigi (the first demigods or pre adamites). Evidence of reptilians with elongated skulls, are found in Egypt within abandoned caves. The Reptilians are another alien species which are rumored to be real. The Reptilians are two separate species to the Anunnaki (this has most likely been asserted as they are allies of the Anunnaki), as is evident from the statues of the ancient Sumerians. Many of the cave cities, found throughout the world, originated from Igigi architecture in the era of their segregation from the Anunnaki.

Reptilians have also been noted to shape shift, and have knowledge of genetic engineering. Some gods worshiped in ancient world religions are believed to be Reptilian in nature, but is a common attribute for all world religions where gods are presented as animal/anthropomorphic hybrids. Furthermore, the difference is that the Reptilians are humanoid reptiles in their original form, with scales (and sometimes described to be reptiles without scales) while Sumerian tablets represent the Anunnaki gods as giant, muscular humanoids. Additionally, if humans were made in the image and likeness of a reptilian Anunnaki, then humans too would be reptilian in appearance. The Reptilians have been known to have a malevolent nature, separating them from humans and Anunnaki: the nature of the Anunnaki is predominantly neutral. The Igigi later joined their Anunnaki masters to control the human race - in the rank of astronaut soldiers; whereas the Eloheem gradually returned to regain the land, after the destruction caused by the great flood. Wars of the Gods led to nuclear catastrophe. This only left the possibility of migrating to the Agharta underworld, and isolating themselves from humanity to be observers.


Are two characteristics the result of the Anunnaki's genetic experience of other beings, that is, of adding a new species on earth before and after the birth of Adam and Eve. Many beings such as faun, centaur, dragons, unicorns, satyr, sphinx, mermaid, minotaur, cyclope, medusa, Pre Adamite (Igigi) and others are part of the genetic creation of the Anunnaki.

Other characteristics of the demigods were the abduction among human women by Anunnaki to inseminate the children of the gods in their womb as heroes of fame later (They are almost similar the Nephilim giants, but in size small to 3 and 2 meters, but are different of sons rebels Anunnaki Grigori), but this demigods are similar to humans being with the ability of a almost God, as an example: Hercules, Samson, Perseus, Xerxes, Gilgamesh, Orpheus, Hippolyta, Helen of Troy and others.


In the history of Mesopotamia among the Hebrew records, the Nephilim bear a incredible similarity to the Anunnaki, just as told about the other they were children of those who came from heaven known as the Eloheem and also people of Earth usually Human women. Other scripture besides the old testament of the Bible is a missing book of the Bible known as the book of Enoch. In the book of Enoch it reports about the fallen sons of God taking the daughters of men to be their wives, The children of God were male beings. In this union born came the giants "Nephilim" who were up to 8 meters tall, were hostile warriors of fame, the Titans (a Greek name related to the fallen angels mythos just like Anunnaki) called gods to that ancient humanity, had a discomfort in the cruel attitudes towards To their children with humanity, in the war of the gods (between heavenly opponents) and the great flood of God, they decided to eliminate all the creation of the Anunnaki / Nephilim, to reestablish a new era for humanity, two Nephilim survivors of the great flood were called Anak and Semiramis they gave continuity to other species of giants between 3 to 5 meters in later generations after the great flood such as the Anakim, the Rephaim, the Emim, and the Zuzim, these giants lived in Mesopotamia, Babylon, Egypt, and other accounts of Nephilim in the lands that are part of the origins of western civilization.

In this question about the Nephilim of the occident / (the west), it was of mysterious red hair giants who lived in the caves in Nevada (USA) enemies of the Si-Te-Cah Indians and the giants of Patagonia by the Portuguese navigator Fernão de Magalhães in 1519, both indigenous tribes reported About beings that descended from the skies to meet the women of the region, before the appearance of these giants.

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In Mesopotamian mythology, the Anunnaki are sons and daughters of Anu, the supreme deity in the Sumerian belief system. Ki is the goddess of the Earth. The offspring of Anu and Ki are called the Anunnaki. Instead of thinking in terms of black and white, it is useful to realize that Anu and Ki should be thought of metaphorically as the people from the sky and the planet itself, respectively. The Anunnaki are then simply the children which Anu created on planet Ki. The Anunnaki were served by the Igigi until the Igigi revolted, forcing the Anunnaki to create Mankind. These servants were not slaves; they were held in high regard, and they were created only to relieve the gods of their labor. In the beginning, Mankind had no set lifespan, and so the gods could only control overpopulation via flood, plague, and famine. During the final deluge, the gods wept at the suffering of Mankind, and so Man was given a set lifespan. It is during this deluge that Ziusudra (Noah) survived with his wife on the ark. The story of the final flood can be found in Atra-Hasis and the Epic of Gilgamesh.

The Annunaki are attributed to teaching humans the Sumerian language, since it is assumed to be the first language ever written. The language of the Annunaki would be considered pre-Sumerian. Interestingly, certain linguists have found similarities between the Hungarian language and the Sumerian language. The Hungarians are believed to be the exiled remains of the Sumerians, and many legends from ancient Hungarian culture relates to the Annunaki myth. The Manysi and the Khanty ethnic group, like the Hungarians are classified in the "Ugaric" language family and one individual converted to shamanism, into believing the Mansi to be descendants of Sumerians. However, linguistic affinities are also being found between Hebrew, hinting the another link of Sumerian with the Semetic languages, in which biblical scriptures were originally written in. Akkadian was a semetic language once used often with Sumerian, during the arrival of Akkadians into Iraq.

Conspiracy theories Edit

The Anunnaki are thought to be the beings from Aldebaran, whom the Vril Society channeled in the 1920s,[10] in pursuit of the designs needed for the Nazi UFO space program. Certain sources attribute the Anunnaki to be tall, fair skinned (white), blond, and blue eyed,[11] the progenitors of the Caucasians.[12] They are also suspected to be the "tall whites" that the Iranians claim,[13] are working with the US government.[14]

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