Anur Phaetos
Anur Khufos
Universe Ben 10 Universe
Galaxy Milky Way
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Breathable
Primary Terrain Skeleton-like Bridges, Deserts
Notable Species Ectonurites

Anur Phaetos is a planet from the Anur system, the perpetually dark world of the ghost-like species, the Ectonurites. It is ruled by the High Ecto-Lord, Zs'Skayr (better known as Ghostfreak).


Though many legends have long spoken of it as the center where galactic chaos springs forth, not much is known about the shadowy world of Anur Phaetos. Some say it is more a dimensional realm than a planet. Lacking individuality, Ectonurites seem to be part of a dark mass consciousness that literally composes the fabric of their domain. No voyager has ever returned to tell tales of a visit and there is scant evidence as to the true nature of its existence.

As not much is known about the planet, one can only guess it bears a resemblance to a bleaker version of the Null Void. It may also be a reverse sun (projecting darkness). It shares the Anur system with the planets Anur Transyl and Anur Khufos, as well as Anur Transyl's moon Luna Lobo. The Ectonurites rule the system, having conquered the other planets long ago.


In the original series, this planet is fairly dark, surrounded in bone-like protrusions. This, however, was only shown on an action figure's collectible card.

In Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks, Ben, Gwen and Kevin are transported to Anur Phaetos with the help of Verdona Tennyson. It is actually revealed to be an inter-dimensional world, as opposed to being a planet. It does, in fact, resemble the Null Void, only being entirely composed of large purple-blue and black stones floating in a dark abyss. The Ectonurites living there are revealed to be fairly aggressive, a trait that oddly seems to carry onto the landscape: the whole planet is surrounded in portals leading to "the darkness". Also, caves and walls are coated in electrical tentacle-like protrusions, blowdart-shooting structures, and pink spikes seen all over the planet, and jagged bone-like structures as well. There are also red vortexes, moving platforms, "lanterns", holes that send strong gusts of air, and portals leading to complex tunnels with numeral gaps, barriers and hazards.

The only people known to have gotten out of Anur Phaetos (other than Ghostfreak/Zs'Skayr) are Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and Verdona.