The Aqualish are semi-aquatic humanoid alien species from the planet Ando with large black eyes, a pair of curved tusks and a mane of whiskery hair on their necks. There are three varieties of this species: the Aquala have flat fins for hands and feet and are the most numerous species on their homeworld, but are rarely found off-planet because they don't do very well on land. The Quarra and the Ualaq have normal hands, but Quara have five digits and Ualaq have three; and are more commonly found off-planet. Additionally, the Ualaq have two pairs of eyes, one for day vision and one for night vision. Aqualish are a crude and aggressive species and the three races are often fighting each other. They are commonly found as smugglers, mercenaries and space pirates.

The Aqualish first appeared in the original Star Wars film, nowadays known as Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

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