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General Information
Habitat Same as human
Diet Omnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Passive
Behind the Scenes
Universe American Chillers

The arachno-sapiens are an extraterrestrial species that describes itself as half-human, and half-spider.


Biologically in their base-form arachno-sapiens are indistinguishable from humans, they are born in this form and seem to need to learn to access their spider-forms. IN their spider-form they are indistinguishable from Octogores, however unlike Octogores they can shrink to the size of a house-spider (whilst maintaining their full strength).


The arachno-sapiens seem to be a passive race, although they are more than capable of defending themselves. They are capabel of interstellar travel, and strange technological feats.


The arachno-sapiens have a long-standing rival with the Octogores, who drove them away from their homeworld. It is unknown how many worlds the arachno-sapiens live on, but a significant group have blended into human society on the planet earth. One notable colony being in the city of Saginaw.

Known Arachno-sapiensEdit

  • Mr. Warner
  • Mrs. Warner
  • Leah Warner
  • Scott Warner
  • Mr. Emerson
  • Jarred Rook


  • Arachno-sapiens only appear in the ninth Michigan Chillers book "Sinister Spiders of Saginaw".

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