Arburian Pelarota
General Information
Homeworld Arburia
Sapience Level Sapient
Status Possibly Extinct
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

The Arburian Pelarota is a generally peaceful creature that is believed to be extinct after a massive tick-like insectoid, the Great One, destroyed their homeworld. Typically slow, clumsy, and awkward, the Pelarota's soft flesh is covered by several exo-plates that fit together to form a nearly invulnerable shell. There are two or three large plates on the back, two round or hexagon-shaped plates on the shoulders, one on each forearm, and one on each hip. The plates are outlined in black. There is also a black strip that connects the shoulder plates to the forearm plates and Their mouth is wide and consists of blacks lips and either human-like or piranha-like teeth. They also have four claw-like digits on their hands and three on each foot. When at play or when confronted by aggression, the Pelarota can roll up into a giant armadillo-like ball and with their tremendous mass ricochet at incredibly high speeds.

Female Arburian Pelarotas are similar to males, but have a slimmer torso and pelvis, smaller exo-plates on their bodies, feminine lips and feminine eyes.


Ultimate Cannonbolt

When fully evolved, the Arburian Pelarota's skin color turns light blue and it now has the ability to extrude spikes from their shell. The exo-plates also change from yellow to metallic pale blue and have cylinder-like extensions that turn into spikes in sphere form. Being metal-like, the exo-plating is more durable and also more likely to cause damage to targets during impacts. Because they are presumed extinct, it will not be possible for this form to evolve naturally.


  • They are often confused for the similar Vulpinic Tortugan, which is actually a species of the Arburian Pelarota that evolved when the species relocated to Vulpin after the Great One destroyed their homeworld.
  • An Arburian Pelarota's spin attacks are based off the Godzilla Monster, Anguirus.
  • The sphere form is also similar to Samus Aran's Morph Ball ability from the Metroid games.


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