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Universe Marvel Universe
System Unknown
Class Terrestrial
Notable Species Archeopian
Technology Tier Native Tier 2 (Interstellar)

Archeopia was the homeworld of the Archeopians. After Ecce the Watcher allowed Galactus' incubation ship to move beyond his grasp, the ship went into orbit around Archeopia. It remained there for a time, until invaders thought it was a planetary defense weapon and attacked it, waking up Galactus. Upon killing the invaders, the giant realized he now possessed an uncontrollable hunger for life energy, and had no choice but to proceed to consume Archeopia and all of its lifeforms. Only a few Archeopians escaped with their lives. In the place of the entirety of the planetary system which Archeopia one existed within, Galactus constructed his massive world-ship, Taa II, around the area, in memory and tribute to both his own homeworld and the very first planet he ever consumed.

Galactus seemed to feel guilty about his consumption of Archeopia, as he spent the next several billion years feeding upon worlds that lacked sapient life.

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