Raygar, an Argazdan.

The Argazdans were a race of green-skinned near-humans native to the planet Argazda. It was believed that the origins of the Argazdan civilization could be traced back to the first Vianist missionary ships that arrived in the Kanz Sector, many millennia before the onset of the Clone Wars. During the years that followed the Great Sith War, the Argazdan people subjugated many races, including the Lorrdians, during the Kanz Disorders. After they were defeated on Lorrd by the combined forces of the Old Republic and the Jedi Knights, the Argazdans retreated to their homeworld. Over the following millennia, they slowly re-integrated themselves into the day-to-day life of the Kanz Sector, and most modern Argazdans felt deeply ashamed of the actions of their ancestors.

Notable membersEdit

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