Argo in maneuvers

Buggy maneuvering

See Argo for other meanings of the term.

The Argo buggy was an all-terrain vehicle that was attached to the Federation shuttlecraft Argo (shuttlecraft).

The Argo buggy was designed with special off-road tires and soft suspension that let it grip and turn with ease on rocky or sandy terrains. It had a tubular framework that is very flexible, yet strong. Although not recommended, the buggy could be driven at very high velocities, and could withstand most bumps and impacts with little damage.

Canon mounted on the Argo

Rear cannon

The buggy was armed with a rear-mounted, high power phaser cannon that was operated by one of the rear passengers. It had a dashboard-mounted display console, comprising a scanner and a remote control device for sending commands to the Argo shuttle. In fact, the Argo could be launched and totally controlled from the buggy if the situation was required.

The buggy had storage spaces for equipment – one between the two front passenger seats, and a large space at the back of the buggy.

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