Argo City

Argo City is a Kryptonian city that escaped the explosion of Krypton and drifted in space for 25 years, protected by a force field. It is the birthplace of Kara Zor-El.


In the edition of Action Comics #252, Zor-El, younger brother of Jor-El, also a scientist, created a dome force field which provided light and oxygen to the Kryptonian survivors of the city, isolating the deadly ground kryptonite with lead plates, which covered the floor of the city. Years later, a large meteor shower, fragments originated for a supernova of star blue dwarf distant, destroyed the dome force field, condemning Argo City to the vacuum of deep space and punching the lead plates in the soil, releasing the kryptonite and killing all survivors. Zor-El sends his daughter in a ship built by him to the Earth, where she met her cousin Superman.

After the death of his wife Alura by the poisoning of kryptonite, Zor-EL and a group of survivors used a skull of a Brainiac droid, relic of old battle of Kandor stored in his laboratory, using a positronic subspacial network, to attract Brainiac's ship the ruins of Argo City, and transfer the surviving group to the bottled town of Kandor, and to change Zor-EL to the collective of the cybernetic network of Brainiac drones that called it Super cyborg later. (Action Comics Vol 2 23.1)

Residents of Argo City (comics)

Zor-EL (Scientist, Leader of city)

Alura In-ZEE (Engineer)

In-ZEE (Scientist, father of Alura In-ZEE)

Shyla Kor-ONN (General Military guard and prisoner of the Phantom Zone)

Jer-EM (Member of the religious guild and prisoner of the Phantom Zone)

Lar-ON (Scientist mutant and prisoner of the Phantom Zone)

Tor-AN (Teenage boy who belonged to the gang of science, prisoner of the Phantom Zone)

Vac-AN (Father of Tor-AN, a scientist)

Morina Yar-UK (Teenage girl, friend of Kara Zor-EL)

Nim-ED (Leader of the High Council)

Lyra Kam-PAR (Assistant of the Alura In-ZEE)

Zal-TA (Master of Arts)

Jeq-VAY (Security chief of Military guard)

Nula Gee-MAR (Doctor, medical chief)

Magus (Teenage boy android, Assistant of the Zor-EL)

Kel-VO (Religious clergy, friend of the EL family)

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