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Universe Marvel Universe
Homeworld Tun
Average Height 6 ft
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient
The Axi-Tuns are a species that has a physical appearance similar to a tall Human.

History Edit

Four Axi-Tun explorers crash-landed on Earth and were enslaved by Nazi scientist Werner Schmidt, who named them after Teutonic gods. The four Axi-Tun battled the Invaders and then committed suicide to prevent Axi-Tunian technology to fall into human hands. Year's later, Axi-Tun warriors calling themselves "The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse" attacked Earth but were repulsed by the Fantastic Four.

Racial Abilities Edit

They possess energy-manipulating powers, but their capacity for this varies from individual to individual. They possess a technological level superior to that of Earth's, and are capable of FTL travel. It would appear that as a whole they are a threat to multiple galaxies as all members known have apparently been conquerors. Even so, they appear to be only a minor galactic threat.

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