The Ayrou were a race of ornithoids, native to the Outer Rim world of Maya Kovel, characterized by its blood-chilling voice. As a people, the Ayrou were known to be strong-willed individualists, committed to maintaining a peaceful existence of barter and negotiation. Most Ayrou regarded any form of combat as a juvenile approach to resolving a situation, preferring to use their brains to determine a suitable outcome. Because of this, the Ayrou were known to debate on a topic for generations before abruptly changing societal customs to meet their needs. This also instilled in the Anyrou a hoarding mentality, with each individual holding onto anything they could find, on the off-chance it might prove useful one day. The average Ayrou stood two meters in height, and was distinguished by their long limbs and milk-white skin. Their startling eye colors were matched only by the bright plumage the Ayrou had instead of hair, and many Ayrou were continually preening themselves to ensure their best appearance. The fingers on their hands were tripled-jointed, allowing the Ayrou to grasp and bend their hands into unusual positions.

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