BSL Station Art

The B.S.L Research Station

The B.S.L. Research Station is a biological research facility, located near the planet SR388 and operated by Biologic Space Laboratories. It carries out numerous research projects, including a secret Metroid breeding program. The station was overrun by X Parasites that were unknowingly brought there from SR388.


The station is divided into two sections, the Main Deck and the Breeding Areas. The Main Deck houses most of the station's important facilities, including the Docking Bays, the Quarantine Bay, the Operations Deck, the Habitation Deck and the Reactor Silo. A Sub-Zero Containment Room in the Main Deck area was used to store the corpse of Ridley. The Breeding Areas encompass the lower portion of the station. They are made up of breeding areas and terrariums of different environments, which are divided into six sectors based on their environments (Not counting the Restricted Zone).

Sector 1 (SRX): This sector is a replica of SR388's environment, and it is primarily made up of caverns and underground jungles. X-Parasites had infested this area first after breaking loose from the Quarantine Bay, and had used the sector's Atmospheric Stabilizers to alter the environment to their needs. The infested stabilizers were restored thanks to Samus Aran. The sector's purpose was to assist in the breeding of Metroids. A point of interest in this sector is an area that resembles the Tourian facility from Zebes, which was used as a lair by Neo-Ridley.

Sector 2 (TRO): This area maintains environments to accommodate lifeforms that inhabit tropical regions, and it mainly contains tropical forests. Most areas are overgrown with tangled roots and vines of the plantform called Nettori, and Kihunters are most plentiful here. The roots of the Nettori are so expansive, in fact, that they had invaded the Reactor Silo on the Main Deck.

Sector 3 (PYR): Sector 3 is the high-temperature/volcanic breeding area of the station, and its environs consist of volcanic caverns and simulated deserts. The Main Boiler is located here, which the X had sabotaged in an attempt to kill Samus. Some portions of the desert areas were damaged by a rogue B.O.X. Security Robot.

Sector 4 (AQA): Sector 4 is the aquatic breeding area, and consists mainly of breeding tanks and simulated coral reefs. The main breeding areas were severely damaged by a rampaging X host called Serris. Damaged power cables electrifiec the waters of flooded areas, making them very dangerous and difficult to traverse.

Sector 5 (ARC): Sector 5 is the sub-zero breeding area, and its containment areas are designed to maintain low temperatures. Many of the X here experienced changes from freezing temperatures, giving them the ability to freeze enemies on contact. This area was then used as a breeding area for the "Blue-X," who proved to be effective against Samus. This area was also home to a bioweapon called the Nightmare, which had caused severe damage to the sector after it became an X host.

Sector 6 (NOC): Sector 6 is the nocturnal breeding area, and its environments are made up of dark caverns. Blue-X from Sector 5 had invaded this area, searching for Samus, who then was vulnerable to the icy parasites. The entrance to the Restricted Zone was located here.

Restricted Zone: This area was used for a secret Metroid breeding program, and it mostly contained Metroid specimens. It was destroyed by the SA-X, who had followed Samus there through Sector 6.


In order to save the universe from the X, Samus had plotted to destroy the station. With some help from her computer C.O., Adam, she activated the self-destruct sequence and set the station on a collision course with SR-388. The station's destruction had vaporized the planet, along with the X.


  • Metroid Fusion (First appearance)

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