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Universe FarmVille Universe
Homeworld Unknown
Average Height Roughly the same height as cattle
Diet Herbivore
Sapience Level Non-Sapient (Presumed)

B0V1NE-09 - sometimes known under the name Alien Cow instead - are a species of extraterrestrial bovoids indigenous to an unknown homeworld. However, it is very interesting to note that a B0V1NE-09 can breed with other cattle, indicating that it may be a cattle-alien hybrid. "B0V1NE-09" as a name seems to indicate that it is a serial number or scientific registration. While the alien race which likely controls this species likely refers to each letter and number in turn, humans most often seem to call it "bovine 9" due to the similarities between the word "bovine" and the coding used for the species by their alien lords. They produce a substance known as Milktonium that is presumably consumed by their calves.

Trivia Edit

  • If the name is any indication, Milktonium is likely radioactive.

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