"BG-386, quite a home away from home." - Karl Bishop Weyland.

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The strip club for the colonists in Freya's Prospect turned into a nest by Xenomorph Warriors.

BG-386 is a planet with multiple environments that include jungles, wastelands and abandoned civilizations. Some time during the 2100's, BG-386 was invaded by the Weyland-Yutani corporation. Unfortunately, W-Y corp. had no idea what this cold planet actually was: an ancient and sacred hunting ground created by the Yautja, an alien race that hunts humans and other dangerous species for sport and honor. Meanwhile, Weyland-Yutani later find a pyramid under the planet's surface with ancient glyphs seemingly made by the Yautja in reverence to another alien species. This planet is not just any hunting ground; this planet is used by unblooded Yautja warriors who want to prove themselves by battling the Xenomorphs, the Yautjas' greatest enemy and most respected prey. Like the pyramid in Antarctica, Earth, BG-386 was used by the Yautja for unblooded youngsters to prove themselves to their elders by hunting the Xenomorphs and earn the mark of an honorable warrior. In the pyramid on BG-386 there was a Xenomorph Queen chained up and forced to lay eggs that would be passed through to chambers. In order to hunt Xenomorphs the Yautja would obviously need hosts (preferably humans) so the Yautja would kidnap humans and bring them through space onto BG-386.

In the area where Weylend-Yutani's research labs is a medium sized forest environment that in the game campaigns is always as dark as nightfall. BG-386 has a very large cave system that is outside the ruins of a Yautja kingdom and during the recent war was infested with Xenomorph Warriors and Runners that would climb through the large crevices of the caves when they sensed nearby prey. After the colony Freya's Prospect was constructed, a sewer system was built under the colony where many Colonial Marines lost their lives by stealthy Xenomorphs who used the vent system that leads from the ground of the colony complex to the halls of the sewers. Under the surface where the pyramid is located is a large magma source and deeper in a battle arena which later is the area of the battle between the Dark Elite Yautja and the Predalien Xenomorph. BG-386 proves that Earth wasn't the only planet used by the Yautja to hunt Xenomorphs. BG-386 was a much more ancient hunting ground than Earth as proved by the Queen Xenomorph on BG-386 when it is shown that she was so old that she lost her coloration. It is unknown if the Yautja will still use this planet for hunting Xenomorphs after the Dark Yautja activated a self-destruct device.

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