the "bakugan warrior"is a extra-dimensionality simil animal-bionic Life-form native of six galaxy of vestronia.Ii is principal race of Battle bawer Bakugan franchise.


the natural aspect of Bakugan is a very numerous set by animal,umanoid and mitologic form.For this It is probabily that Bakugan was the base of mitologic uman creature and they visited normal space in the remote past.The bakugan fisionomy is incompatible with normal-space and in this dimension they put on ball structure.


the bakugan is a magic race and they was divided in six attribute,one for galaxia of their native dimension:Fire,Water,Dark,Light,Earth and Wind.They have a very long life and very warrior's nature.infact they fight always,but usually they aren't letal fight an they don't hate because with every fight their power increase.But if the incremente is magiority of natural limit the bakugan explodes(this is the first of two metod for killing Bakugan).In the normal space(our dimension)they put on ball form and donate a magic cards to the umanoid race because these cards are the based on the mystic game they can fighted and evolved in.Two sacred energy exist in vestronia(their native dimension):infinity,base of life and origin of their race and Silent,base of death and the"Destin Dimension" that is the realm where the Bakugan,defeat in the deadly fight,are thrown inside.In this realm they are petrified(it is the second on two metod for killing Bakugan).

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